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the semi-balanced “RIAA Phono-Amp Engine I” that includes different modules of solid-state and design goals, focused mainly on MC cartridge usage. Among Like in TSOS-1/-2, the lowest noise results and an excellent sound Audio Design' handbook gives a very good overview on the many different ver- sions.

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Meanwhile our men had stopped firing from their jeeps, and, led on foot by Beautyman and were apparently clearing it with their tommy guns. A moment later they reported two Germans killed and some others escaped.

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He made me choose a plot, offering the best of his lovely graveyard on a slope looking on to soft hills. I strolled around, looking at the tombs; in the mortuary I saw a boy laid out. Coming round once more to the grave-digger I found him making a wooden cross, and he asked me what inscription I wanted painting on it.

Having written it out, I talked with him for a while, then said idly:. He said no more; I fell silent, wondering at the humility of these people who took trouble with our dead and never mentioned their own so much more grevious loss….. It was for his bravery in selflessly supporting his comrades at one of these actions that Frank was awarded the Military Medal.

The citation reads as follows:. On 17 July 44 at Scheggia, Italy, on his own initiative and complete disregard for his own safety, stayed with his jeep under heavy mortar and shell fire, in a completely exposed position, so as to give covering MG fire to a foot patrol operating ahead of him. He withdrew only after the patrol had returned to safety.

Ex serviceman Donald Taylor is once more assiduously selling poppies on behalf of the the British Legion. If you miss him, poppies are also available at the Village Shop. The Village Remembrance Service will take place in the Church at 6. The names of the eighteen villagers who lost their lives in the two world wars will be read out and their stories are set out below:. Carpenter of Sulgrave. He was a private in the 7th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers.

At the age of 19 he was killed on the Western Front in France on 20th March Having no known grave, his name is commemorated on the Arras Memorial in the town of the same name together with almost 36, other servicemen from the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand who died in the Arras sector between the spring of and 7 August Given the date of his death he would almost certainly have died in resisting the last great German offensive in the Spring of He died in Mesopotamia present day Iraq on the 12th November He died on the 7th April , also in Mesopotamia.

His age is not given. They were volunteers who joined up before conscription was introduced in January They and 40, others with no known graves are commemorated on the Basra Memorial in Iraq. Allied operations in Mesopotamia were against the Turks, staunch fighters and allies of the Germans. From the date of his death and the location of the cemetery it seems likely that he was a casualty in the Third Battle of Ypres, otherwise known as Passchendaele. Ground conditions during the whole Ypres-Passchendaele action were atrocious.

Continuous shelling destroyed drainage canals in the area, and unseasonable heavy rain turned the whole area into a sea of mud and water-filled shell-craters. The troops walked up to the front over paths made of duckboards laid across the mud, often carrying up to one hundred pounds 45 kg of equipment. It was possible for them to slip off the path into the craters and drown before they could be rescued.

The trees were reduced to blunted trunks, the branches and leaves torn away, and the bodies of men buried after previous actions were often uncovered by the rain or later shelling. British soldiers struggle through the dreadful ruined landscape at Passchendaele. He was killed at the Battle of Jutland on 31st May at the age of It was either this shell hit which caused a flash down the magazine or a second shell in the same salvo that penetrated the armour and exploded in the magazine, causing a massive explosion. The ship broke in two and sank with the loss of all but six of her crew of 1, Jutland was the last, and largest, of the great battleship battles.

Never again did battle fleets meet again in such numbers. While the Royal Navy suffered more losses, the battle effectively ended any threat from the German High Seas Fleet, which now knew it could not contest control of the North Sea with the Royal Navy. He died on the 26th October at the age of Except for a short interval during the German advance in it remained No 1 Base throughout the war and by the end of May , it contained three general and two stationary hospitals, and four convalescent depots.

In all 1, Commonwealth casualties of the First World War are buried or commemorated in the cemetery. He may have soldiered on through several years of the war only to die so near to home and a mere 16 days before it all came to an end. He was the husband of Emily Muddiman of Sulgrave. In October , a combined Franco-British force of some two large brigades was landed at Salonika today called Thessalonika at the request of the Greek Prime Minister.

The objective was to help the Serbs in their fight against Bulgarian aggression. But the expedition arrived too late, the Serbs having been beaten before they landed. It was decided to keep the force in place for future operations, even against Greek opposition. It is impossible to draw any conclusions as to the fate of J. Muddiman in this complex and little known theatre of war but it was said of the Salonika campaign that for every casualty of battle three died of malaria, influenza or other diseases.

The Entente in Macedonia. He died in Belgium on the 14th December at the age of He has no known grave and is commemorated at the Tyne Cot Memorial. He gained the Military Medal for an act of outstanding bravery which, sadly, is not recorded. The granting of this award is recorded in a Supplement to the London Gazette on 23rd January , as follows:. Sheldon, S. West Bromwich. Shellard, O. Banbury Pte. Shepherd; R. As the entry in the London Gazette states, the Military Medal was awarded to Non-Commissioned Officers and Men and, it seems, there was sometimes only one copy of the citation setting out the reasons for the award.

Sadly, it seems possible that his relatives in the village might never have known of his bravery. Certainly, there is no mention of his award on the memorial plaque in the church. Wallace James Smith , born in , who in was living with his grandparents, Martha and James Smith, in what was then Great Street. His parents, George Henry and Maria Smith, were both still alive and are buried in the churchyard he is mentioned on their headstone. A member of the 7th Battalion, the Norfolk Regiment, he was declared missing in action on 30th November in Flanders during the battle of Cambrai.

He is commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial. He was The Cambrai operations from 20th November to 30th December comprised a British attack, originally conceived as a very large scale raid, that employed new artillery techniques and massed tanks. Initially it was very successful, with large gains of ground being made, but German reserves brought the advance to a halt.

Ten days later, a counter-attack regained much of the ground. His father told him that she had served in France during the Great War and died of influenza at the end of it. More than 40 million people world wide died in this dreadful epidemic and it is said that there were more deaths in Britain from it than from the Great War itself. Since the headstone is in the churchyard it can only be assumed that she came home very ill and died in the village.

Born in , he was described as a plough boy in the census. His older sister, Constance, worked for the Whittons see below as a domestic servant. It is not recorded where he is buried. He died in France on the 1st June aged He was the son of William and Elizabeth Whitehead, of Sulgrave. Leslie Whitehead was killed in this area a month before the battle began and it is not possible to speculate that he died in any particular action.

Souchez is a village 3. On the east side, opposite the cemetery, were dugouts used as battalion headquarters in The cemetery now contains 7, Commonwealth burials of the First World War, more than half of them unidentified. John and Isabel also had three daughters. John is described as a farmer.

George was a member of the 14th Battalion, the Canadian Infantry No. At the time of his death or, at any rate, the erection of the headstone his parents lived in Warwick Road, Banbury. It seems likely that he was killed in the Battle of Festubert 15 — 25 May On 18 May, the First Canadian Division attacked but made little progress in the face of German artillery fire.

The British forces dug in at the new front line in heavy rain. The Germans brought up reinforcements. From 20 to 25 May the attack was resumed and Festubert was captured. The offensive had resulted in a 3 kilometres advance at a cost of Canadians killed, including George Whitton. He died in Flanders Belgium on the 21st October aged Prior to he had been a member of the local yeomanry, the forerunners of the territorial army.

Harold Wootton front right just before leaving for France in The Battalion took part in the first British battle of the war, at Mons where the British defeated the German forces that they had encountered on 23rd August. The Battalion subsequently took part in the retreat that began the following day, then halting the German advance at the First Battle of the Marne 5th to 9th September. This village, today known as St. Juliaan, can be found a little to the north-east of Ypres, on the N It is said that the rate of fire and accuracy from their bolt action rifles convinced the Germans that they were equipped with machine guns.

Largely as a result of superior German field artillery at the time, the bodies of Harold and many of his comrades were never identified and his name is commemorated on the famous Ypres Menin Gate Memorial with 54, others with no known graves. He died on the Somme Battlefield in France on the 7th October , aged He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, which bears the names of more than 72, officers and men of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in the Somme sector before 20 March and have no known grave.

Each year a major ceremony is held at there on 1 July. On 1 July , supported by a French attack to the south, thirteen divisions of Commonwealth forces launched an offensive on a line from north of Gommecourt to Maricourt. Despite a preliminary bombardment lasting seven days, the German defences were barely touched and the attack met unexpectedly fierce resistance. Losses were catastrophic and with only minimal advances on the southern flank, the initial attack was a failure. In the following weeks, huge resources of manpower and equipment were deployed in an attempt to exploit the modest successes of the first day.

However, the German Army resisted tenaciously and repeated attacks and counter attacks meant a major battle for every village, copse and farmhouse gained. At the end of September, Thiepval was finally captured. The village had been an original objective of 1 July. Attacks north and east continued throughout October and into November in increasingly difficult weather conditions.

British soldiers injured in mustard gas attack. He is the only serviceman from the Second World War to be mentioned on the Sulgrave memorial. There is no information on any relative in the village in official records. He served in Malaya during the war against Japan. There is no record of his age.

He died on the 29th November and the manner of his death makes for sober reading. On 8 February , the Japanese crossed the Johore Straits in strength, landing at the mouth of the Kranji River within two miles of the place where the war cemetery now stands. On the evening of 9 February, they launched an attack between the river and the causeway. RM3 Thompson, R. S2 Unger, J. SC3 Young, W. STM2 Zimmerman, G. Labels: Lost Submarines , R Friday, August 31, Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Case 1 Suspicious behavior on the Washington State Ferry system. Identities unknown Aug 20 the FBI asks for the public to help identify the above two men. They were also taking photos of parts of the boat, which the agents won't reveal, but that apparently aroused the suspicions of passengers and crew alike. Case 2 Indicted for carrying explosives in South Carolina. Observations: Both these incidents have similarities other than pairs of middle eastern men being involved.

Both occurred near Naval installations and both installations have nuclear submarines berthed. In the first case, of the men on the ferry, one of largest ferry routes is the Seattle to Bremerton run. The Naval Weapons Station also has a command that trains nuclear reactor operators on a former Ballistic Missile submarine.

USS Amberjack Memorial

I wouldn't want to speculate too much but this coincidence is a little disturbing to this former bubblehead. I wonder if the FBI is checking the records of foreign trained ferry captains and harbor pilots? Labels: Terror Suspects. Other than the US Navy that is… We surfaced the ship and headed in with no one on the bridge at first because of the weather.

Stern down the sub started taking on water through the aft public access hatch cut through its pressure hull. She flooded stern first and within about a day she was on the muddy bottom in over 35 feet of water. The next day she settled and rolled to port, parting a mooring line like a gunshot. The US Coast Guard closed the pier for public safety reasons. From the outset the USS Saratoga Museum Foundation , owners of the Juliett, have said they intend to raise and restore the submarine but were unsure where to get the funds to so. The first hurtle a detailed salvage survey and engineering work is no longer a concern.

Navy and Army divers will be conducting the survey dives and Navy Engineers will also be involved. Approximately 30 divers will be involved as part of the Department of Defense's Innovative Readiness Training program. The Army divers are coming from Fort Eustis, Va.

The Providence Journal quoted Lt. As with all things submarine related the Army and Navy involvement in the recovery of the K77 has been kept low key until finalized. Labels: Juliett The story of the Russians planting a flag on the sea floor at the geographic north pole is too rich to pass up all the metaphors, both the press and me included.

New cold war. Hotly contested claims of mineral rights. Canadians say Russian claims have no grounds. Russia rejects cold reception. Of course we all know that this is only possible because of Global Warming which has been, according to NOAA, about 1. Along the lines of North Pole symbolism, a Brit was up there a couple of weeks before the Russians for a little global warming dip.

The WHOI scientists are exploring the arctic ocean's Gakkel Ridge the deepest mid-ocean ridge, ranging from 3 to 5 kilometers 1. The goal of the Gakkel Ridge expedition is to see if active hydrothermal vents are really there, to find them, and to learn if they, and the communities of life around them, are different.

Videos of this exploration and its goals can be found Here. I'll take the science over the symbolism, but there is something to be said about doing something really cool, even if it was mere symbolism. Labels: North Pole. Strangelove impression. Vintage opening salvo footage. Labels: TLAM. Monday, July 09, Marines are Mammals? From an Armed Forces Press release : "The Pentagon Channel was granted extensive access to these remarkable animals and their trainers, handlers and veterinarians, and afforded rarely seen underwater video of the mammals in action. Labels: Marine Mammals. This past July 4th was the nation's birthday, it was also the consecutive holding of the Bristol, RI 4th of July Parade.

Bristol's Annual Fourth of July Celebration was established in and is the oldest continuous celebration of its kind in the United States. Our three vehicles and the submarine model one of the Subvets brings to the parade every year. The Sub model isn't in any way historically accurate with a 3 bladed screw, missile tubes and the hull number but the crowds and kids love it. That 6th war patrol entered the Batfish into submarine history sinking three enemy submarines and earning it the following Presidential Unit Citation: "For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese combatant forces during the sixth War Patrol in the South China Sea from December 30, to March 3, Persistent and aggressive in her search for vital targets, the USS Batfish relentlessly tracked down the enemy and in three separate, brilliantly executed attacks, launched her torpedoes with devastating speed and skill and demolished three Japanese submarines.

On Eternal Patrol Researchers

By the destruction of these formidable and threatening hostile Fleet units in a single War Patrol, the Batfish contributed significantly to the successful completion of the war. The courage, superb seamanship and gallant fighting spirit of her officers and men reflect the highest credit upon herself and the United States Naval Services. The submarine's worst enemy another submarine. Thanks for your service Jim. It was an honor to have the USS Providence join us in this celebration.

The banner reads: " I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harm's way " John Paul Jones - Commander Sloop Providence, Some Providence ship name history: The renamed merchant sloop Katy was the first Navy ship named Providence when it commissioned into the Continental Navy.

In , John Paul Jones was given the sloop as his first command. She captured or sank forty ships. She was able to procure guns and supplies from France for Continental naval vessels still under construction. From to she served with honor as flagship to Commodore Whipple. Our contingent was organized with WWII Submarine Veterans taking point sounding a klaxon diving alarm with their submarine model in tow, followed by the USSVI subvets in two decorated trucks with kids and grandkids waving flags.

Naval History and Heritage Command

The USS Providence crew followed us and received appreciative applause and thanks from many of the people gathered to watch the parade. They deserved the admiration from the crowd having just returned a couple of months ago from a very long deployment around the world. I couldn't help but do a periscope shot through the rear view mirror while underway.

Had to do a little digital editing to get the right effect of my close contact in the baffles. Thanks to to Crew for your service and help this year at the Bristol 4th of July Parade. Labels: Parade. Thursday, June 21, Space Shot. July 21, Borman and Lovell hoping for a low ballistic coefficient on reentry and Franklin and Washington hoping for a high ballistic coefficient.

Labels: Space. Tuesday, June 19, What did you do on leave? My response was, in a matter of fact voice, "I went sailing in Newport. Guess he thought I was making fun of my paper and parallels counterpart's story, with a one up story of my own. Sailors do love to spin stories, sea stories at home and stories of home while at sea, with a goal of one upping someone elses story.

I was serious about the sailing having spent a week crisscrossing Narragansett Bay on my neighbor's 35' sloop. Summer sailing is usually a bit tamer than this, but the video brings back the urge to be "underway under wind power". I do love it here in the Ocean State If you're a private company with primarily with one customer, the US Government, you have to be careful in how you go about improving productivity, saving money and eventually saving US taxpayer's dollars.

Such is what Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc. BPMI made this decision after the conclusion of a six month study. Jim Dillon, the manager of procurement operations said: " It is a sister operation of ours in Pittsburgh and we are trying to make sure we provide the best service at the lower price to the Navy. It's contracts run into the hundreds or millions a year. Basic nuclear propulsion plant components very basic. You would think the engineers lead boring lives hunkered over mathematical models of hydraulic pressure and maximum structural loads, not Harold "Bud" Froehlich.

He went on to become an aeronautical engineer and worked for Boeing and other companies before ending up at General Mills the Cheerios people in his native Minnesota. At General Mills he helped design high-altitude balloons for the US military before being tasked to help build a mechanical arm for the U. Navy-owned bathyscaphe Trieste in Alvin Submerged Source: NOAA As part of his work on balloons he specialized in designing small spheres able to endure hostile environments.

Froehlich also worked on the design for a self-propelled, two-man deep-sea vessel called the Seapup. This talent and earlier experience became crucial factors in his selection as the project leader for the design of a new US Navy deep-diving research submersible. Vine another engineer was a key proponent for the U. Part of Mr. Froehlich team's unique design was to combine a new buoyant material called syntactic foam with hollow metal spheres to build the vessel. Confident in his design Harold even participated in one the first test dives made in near Woods Hole, Mass.

Years later Mr. Froehlich told Minnesota Public Radio that winning the bid to design and build Alvin was an astonishing feat, because the Navy initially "was skeptical about a Wheaties company designing a submarine. Momsen Jr son of "Swede" Momsen. Froehlich received the Elmer A. Sperry Award for "the invention, development and deployment of the deep diving submarine, Alvin. After leaving General Mills Mr. Froehlich went on to work for the 3M company, designing surgical equipment and retiring in Harold "Bud" Froehich died this past week at the age of An engineer at a food company who designed one of the worlds most famous deep-sea submersibles.

Labels: Alvin. The United States submarine service represented only 1. Typically the loss of Submarine included the loss of the entire crew I put together this video as a Memorial Day tribute to those still on " Eternal Patrol ". The Final Patrol Lord, this departed shipmate with dolphins on his chest is part of an outfit known as the best. Make him welcome and take him by the hand.

You'll find without a doubt he was the best in all the land.

USS Amberjack Memorial

So, heavenly Father add his name to the roll of our dear departed shipmates still on patrol. Let him know that we who survive will always keep their memories alive. Labels: Lost Submarines. Posted so we do not forget that the dangers of the sea and how the service of submariners during hot wars and cold conflicts can exact a toll that still remains a mystery.

The following officers and men were lost with Scorpion SSN Sweet Lieutenant j. James W.

Forrester, Jr. Lieutenant j. Michael A. Odening Lieutenant j. Laughton D. Have you ever wanted to pilot a submersible into the depths of the Ocean? Not many of us will ever get that chance but if a cyber-space version will pass then check out the Woods Hole Oceanographic Insititution's Alvin Simulator. Used as a training tool for scientists it has standalone session mode as well as a joined session mode for collaborative missions. Screen shot of Alvin simulator.

WHOI website provides this description as to the use of the simulator: "In addition to full mission planning for WHOI scientists, the Alvin simulator was intended to provide applicability as a public relations tool so that users at home would be able to find out about WHOI research. You won't be shooting sea monsters, this is primarily a technical training tool full of device controls and system gages used for mission tasks rehearsals.

If the simulator is to techie for you then here is some video footage from Alvin at a depth of feet. Scientists do get excited when they see something unusual or unexpected, such as a lake at the bottom of the ocean. Saturday, May 19, Blog Changes. Thought it was time for some updating. Changes will be on-going for a few days. Could the video be a valid argument to have women on submarines? Submarines not the place for a low cut evening dress, except if you're the XO on halfway night.

Labels: Entertainment. If you follow the submarine blogs you'll see the topic of ship naming surface now and again. There is usually a debate on the best names for submarines which range from fish to States to historic leaders such as Presidents.