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Your candy cane may not be edible, but it will certainly make a delicious addition to your tree!

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Then, decide the bead colors you want. You'll need about 40 beads to make a 6" candy cane. Feed the tri-star beads on the pipe cleaner, alternating colors to create your design. Get as creative and colorful with this as you'd like! Once you fill up the pipe cleaner with beads, dot a little glue on the ends to hold everything in place. Let it dry for a few minutes, and feel free to make more candy canes while you wait.

If you want, you can stop here and place your newly Christmas ornament on the tree. If you want the ornament to hang from a branch, you can tie a loop at the hook part of the ornament using a thread. If you want it to look more professional, attach the candy cane to an ornament hook and place it on the tree! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I still have the original ones we made together.

Over the years, I have made them with my daughter as well. Some of the other designs, like snowflakes and ornament balls, I still have in the original orange and green designs. They definitely show their age! Beautiful creation and I love to share this hub to my students. I hope they want to make it in their spare time. Thanks for writing and share with us. Voted up!

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I am feeling nostalgic now. My grandmother and aunts taught me how to do this. I remember sitting around the table with them and all those beads, making the candy canes and wreaths. Happy to see it now some 30 years later or more.

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  7. Nice share, thank you. Thank you so much for the boost Suzie. I really do appreciate you sharing this. They are very simple and fun to do. Have fun! What an interesting and unique idea, I love your photos of the candy canes! So easy to do and something all ages can do! Vu, interesting, useful, sharing and pining! Can't wait to try this! Thank you. I made these with my mom when I was very young. But for a few years, my daughter and I have made many of them as part of our bead ornament gift sets for others. Very nice! Looks fun.

    Macrame Christmas Candy Cane Ornaments ♥ DIY ♥

    I will definitely try this one with the kids this year! Nice photos as well.

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    Holiday Crafts – The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

    To provide a better website experience, feltmagnet. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Mary Roark more. What You'll Need Tri-star beads. Found in the youth section of a craft store. Craft pipe cleaners. Also found in the youth section. Instead of buying plastic or wooden candy canes and wrapping them with red ribbons you may also choose to crochet the same as per the instructions given in the above-linked article. Just a few simple crochet stitches should do the trick.

    Easy Candy Cane Ornament Craft

    Christmas Tree Candy Cane. This easy project needs just 15 minutes of your time but gives brilliant results. You can give it a nice finish by covering the base of the tree with fake snow or shiny white fabric. While sticking a bunch of candy canes to the apex of your Christmas tree, it would be a good idea to accessorize with peppermint candies.

    Candy Cane Crafts

    The article guides you in this regard. Prep it for the night by stringing in some fairy lights. Your Christmas tree is ready to dazzle the party guests. Candy Cane Garland around a Christmas Tree. Candy Canes in Christmas Tree Shape. Published on December 5th by Peyton Derrida.

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