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the semi-balanced “RIAA Phono-Amp Engine I” that includes different modules of solid-state and design goals, focused mainly on MC cartridge usage. Among Like in TSOS-1/-2, the lowest noise results and an excellent sound Audio Design' handbook gives a very good overview on the many different ver- sions.

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Sacrifice a lot of other activities that maybe other kids are doing. But the joy you get at the end of the day? Rita was raised in Lafayette, Tennessee, by a minister father and school teacher mother. Music was a part of her life from a young age. Growing up, Rita sang in a trio with her two sisters, Priscilla and Linda. After college, Rita headed to Memphis to pursue a music career. On that tour, she caught yet another break as the only backup singer asked to sing a solo in the show. Later in her career, encouraged by friend Robbie Robertson of The Band, Rita joined forces with her sister Priscilla and niece Laura to form Walela, a musical trio inspired by their Cherokee ancestry.

So, you got to swing back down. John, who is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation, was selected as a Mission Specialist for the flight STS, the sixteenth space shuttle mission to the International Space Station on the Endeavour. Before John found his calling, he struggled to finish high school and flunked out of college after Freshman year. Feeling lost, he took a job rock climbing on a survey crew in Colorado, a major turning point in his life journey.

Scaling mountains everyday, he discovered he had an aptitude to perform well under physical and mental pressure. From there, he attended Aviation Officer Candidate School where he excelled as a pilot. He spent a decade as a Naval Commander on missions that took him around the world, from Alaska to the Philippines. One year later, he was accepted and chosen to be a member of the sixteenth group of astronauts. Six years later, he launched into space on the Endeavour for flight STS Their mission was to bring three people to space and bring three people home, as well as to install a new truss on the left side of the space station.

The mission was a success, and according to John, was the pinnacle of his career. He soon realized the Indigenous community saw him as a role model. He went back to school and earned a PhD in education. Ever since, John has been an advocate for the sciences, embarking on a cross-country bike trek in to promote and encourage youth to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

John now tours schools with his book, inspiring the next generation to dream big. Chuck Billy is the lead singer for Testament, one of the first Thrash Metal bands to put the genre on the map. Chuck studied music in college, focusing on voice, guitar and theory. When a Thrash Metal band called Legacy was looking for a new member in , Chuck took a shot and auditioned.

Thrash Metal, a sub-genre of Heavy Metal, is known for its fast tempos and aggression, and often deal with social issues and critique of the establishment. The next thing he knew, he was dying his frosted hair black and putting on a biker jacket to be the new frontman for Legacy. Prior to the release of their first album in , the band changed their name to Testament. In the early days, Heavy Metal was known as white working-class music, and it was rare to have band members who were anything else, including Indigenous.

In the fall of , Testament joined metal giants Megadeth and Slayer for the European leg of their Clash of the Titans tour, one of the most successful metal tours in history. The s saw the new genre of grunge explode on the music scene, and record companies started to drop metal bands. Despite the release of a successful album, The Ritual , Testament began to falter. In , Chuck was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors found a tumour in his chest cavity putting pressure on his heart. Chuck spent the next two years battling cancer, and won. Paintings and poetry portray the culture and spirituality of the Navajo.

Bell, Clare. The jaguar princess. Stolen from her people as a child, Mixcatl ends up as a slave in Tenochtitlan, center of the Aztec empire. A descendant of the Children of the Jaguar, Mixcatl discovers other unusual powers that will tie her destiny to powerful men who wish to transform the Aztec civilization. For high school and older readers.

Belting, Natalia Maree. Whirlwind is a ghost dancing. Native American stories about natural phenomena for grades Benedek, Emily. The wind won't know me: a history of the Navajo-Hopi land dispute. Details the conflicts over reservation lands between the 2 tribes. Benedict, Ruth Fulton. Patterns of culture. Bennett, James W. Dakota Dream. Floyd Rayfield, 15, who has lived in foster homes most of his life, believes his destiny is to become a Dakota warrior. No longer able to tolerate his situation, he heads for the Pine Ridge reservation to undergo a vision quest and find a place he really belongs.

Berger, Thomas. Little Big Man: a novel. The fictitious memoirs of Jack Crabb, year-old ex-cowboy who claims to be the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand. Bernotas, Bob.

American Indians of ND

Jim Thorpe: Sac and Fox athlete. Biography of the 1st Native American Olympian. Bierhorst, John. The deetkatoo: Native American stories about little people. The Naked bear: folktales of the Iroquois. Spirit child: a story of the Nativity. Aztec folktale describing Christ's birth. The way of the earth: Native America and the environment.

Native American mythology's approach to the environment is examined. Birdsell, Sandra. Agassiz: a novel in stories. Barber Maurice Lafreniere finally gains some respect in the small Canadian town of Agassiz when he correctly predicts a flood. But his wife Mika still doesn't treat him well--and she doesn't even know of his hidden Indian ancestry! Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. Bixler, Margaret T. An account of the only code never deciphered by the enemy during World War II. Black Elk DeSersa, Esther. Black Elk lives: conversations with the Black Elk family.

This companion to Black Elk Speaks records the reminiscences of his granddaughters and family members concerning the Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk and his son Ben. The family recalls their years growing up on Pine Ridge Reservation, their traditions, and how Black Elk's legacy still affects them. Black Elk. Neihardt Flaming Rainbow. Ghosted autobiography of a Native American hunter. The family recall their years growing up on Pine Ridge Reservation, their traditions, and how Black Elk's legacy still affects them.

Black Elk, Wallace H. Black Elk: the sacred ways of a Lakota. Biography of a Sioux shaman. Blake, Michael. Dances with wolves. When Lieutenant Dunbar arrives at Fort Hayes, the drunken, half-crazed major in charge immediately assigns him to Fort Sedgewick, an army outpost. Then the major is sent back east because of mental imcompetence, and the army is unaware of Dunbar's presence at the fort.

Alone, with only a wolf and Indian friends, Dunbar finds himself adapting to the Indian way of life--a life in which he is happy until his past comes back to haunt him. The Holy Road. Resumes the tale of Lt. Dunbar eleven years after "Dances with Wolves.

Blakely, Mike. Comanche dawn. In the s territory that would become Wyoming, as a Shoshone boy grows to manhood, his people acquire horses and evolve into the Comanche Nation. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. Moon medicine. He recalls his loves, and also tells of trading with the Comanche, fighting battles, and ransoming children from captivity. Blevins, Win. After Joseph Blue Crow plunges into a destructive midlife crisis, he rediscovers his Lakota roots through a vision quest.

As his spirit journeys back one hundred years to and the massacre of his people at Wounded Knee, he regains his spiritual orientation. Bonvillain, Nancy. Black Hawk, Sac rebel. Biography of the Wisconsin chief. The Mohawk. Discusses the tribe's seventeenth-century fur-trading partnership with the Dutch and the English, skill at basketry, and adjustments to twentieth-century changes.

For grades and older readers. The Hopi. History of the Hopi Indians, descendants of the Pueblo people, who reside in northeastern Arizona. Discusses their traditional beliefs, religious ceremonies, farming methods, and sheep herding. The Teton Sioux. Discusses their eighteenth-century migration from Minnesota, adaptation from a farming to a nomadic lifestyle, and endeavors to maintain traditions by raising buffalo.

The Zuni. History of the Zuni, who have lived in New Mexico since the eighth century. Discusses the tribe's early culture based on corn, interactions with the Spanish in the sixteenth century, and ongoing autonomy. Describes their religious ceremonies and pottery and silver-jewelry craftsmanship. Bordewich, Fergus M. Killing the White man's Indian: reinventing Native Americans at the end of the 20th century. Challenges stereotypes of Native Americans as noble savages and eternal victims.

Borland, Hal. When the legends die. Ute boy is torn between the customs of the whites and his own people. Bourne, Russell. Examines the collision of Native American and European cultures in northeastern America between and Bowen, Peter. Metis Indian fiddler Gabriel Du Pre agrees, on his daughter Maria's insistence, to advise a documentary film crew researching the Lewis and Clark expedition. But not everyone in Montana is pleased with the outsiders who they feel are destroying their way of life. Strong language and some violence. The stick game: a Gabriel Du Pre mystery.

Du Pre finds a connection between two investigations: the disappearance of a teenage boy and the frequency of birth defects among Native Americans living near the Persephone gold mine. The first case begins as Du Pre and longtime companion Madelaine visit a Crow people's fair in Montana. Strong language. Thunder horse: a Gabriel Du Pre mystery. Metis Indian Du Pre investigates the murder of a snowmobiler discovered with a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.

An earthquake also uncovers an ancient burial ground on land that Japanese have bought to turn into a resort in the Montana Hills. Du Pre and other locals ponder the connections. Boyd, Loree. Spirit moves: the story of six generations of native women. An account of the author's matrilineal family beginning with Bird Song, her grandmother's grandmother.

Boyer, Dennis. Northern frights: a supernatural ecology of the Wisconsin headwaters. The Wisconsin River's headwaters are the setting for this collection of ghost stories collected by a conservation activist. Brandon, William. The last Americans: the Indian in American culture. History of the American Indians, emphasizing their diverse cultures. Brandon uses primary sources to narrate the history of the natives of North America from ancient times to European contact and subjugation. Discusses the people of Mesoamerica and South America and tales of Puritans, the Trail of Tears, buffalo soldiers, and massacres.

Brant, Beth Degonwadonti. Eight stories by a Mohawk writer about contemporary problems that affect many people but concern Native Americans in particular: family violence, alcoholism, and AIDS. Brave Bird, Mary. Lakota Woman. Mary Crow Dog relates her experiences as an American Indian woman. Born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, she grew up without a father, and without running water, plumbing, electricity, radio, or television.

She describes her early hopelessness and rebellion, her participation in the American Indian Movement, and her pride in the revival of the traditions of her heritage.

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Ohitika woman. Brooks, Martha. Bone dance. Lonny LaFreniere believes the property should be his and resents that his stepfather sold the family heritage. At first leery of each other, both Native American teenagers find something they need on Medicine Bluff. For senior high and older readers. Brown, Dee. The American West. Brown draws upon his previous books for this account of the West, centering on Native Americans, settlers, and ranchers from the early s through the s.

In between are portraits of camp meetings, stagecoach robberies, plagues, roundups, Indian wars, and gold rushes, featuring well-known people like Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Buffalo Bill. Some violence. History of Native Americans from to , when the West was won and Native American civilization was lost. Cavalry scout. Native Americans are portrayed sympathetically in this novel of the Indian wars in the West.

The author has used unpublished sources and other documents to emphasize the Native American viewpoint. Creek Mary's blood: a novel. Stormy saga of a Muskogee who weds a Cherokee warrior. Bruchac, Joseph. The arrow over the door. A war party of Abenaki and a peaceful Quaker meeting encounter one another during the Revolutionary War. Bowman's store: a journey to myself.

A boy called Slow: the true story of Sitting Bull. Later when the child had grown and proven himself, he earned a new name. Returns Again named his boy Slow because he never did anything quickly. Slow hated his name and tried hard to earn a better one. At fourteen, Slow had a chance to show his bravery and was named Sitting Bull. Children of the longhouse.

In the late s, year-old Mohawk twins must make peace with a group of older boys. Crazy horse's vision. Biography of the Sioux chief for grades The first strawberries: a Cherokee story. When the world was new, the Creator made a man and a woman. They were very happy together, until one day the man came home and found his wife picking flowers instead of fixing his dinner.

Thus begins the retelling of a tale about why strawberries were created. The great ball game: a Muskogee story. Retelling of a Native American folktale. In a game of stickball between the birds and the animals, the bat plays a very special role. The heart of a chief: a novel. A Penacook Indian 6th-grader copes with his father's alcoholism, racial prejudice, and a controversy over building a reservation casino before emerging as a leader.

Iroquois stories: heroes and heroines, monsters and magic. Lasting echoes: an oral history of Native American people. Navajo long walk: the tragic story of a proud people's forced march from their homeland. Discusses the expulsion of the Navajos from their homeland in by U. The story of the Lewis and Clark expedition to open the American Northwest is told through the alternating narratives of Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian interpreter, peacemaker, and guide, and expedition captain William Clark.

Includes excerpts from Clark's actual journals. Skeleton man. A strange "great-uncle" takes charge of Molly after her parents disappear. She doesn't trust him and must rely on her dreams about an old Mohawk story for her safety--and maybe even for her life. The story of the Milky Way: a Cherokee tale. A star myth for kindergarten-grade 3.

Thirteen moons on turtle's back: a Native American year of moons. Poems celebrate the seasons for grades When the Chenoo howls: native American tales of terror. The winter people. As the French and Indian War rages on in October of , Saxso, a fourteen-year-old Abenaki boy, pursues the English rangers who have attacked his Quebec village and taken his mother and sisters hostage. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Famous Indians; a collection of short biographies. Sketches of 20 Native Americans from 17 tribes BR Burt, Jesse Clifton.

Indians of the Southeast: then and now. Describes the religion, languages, food, games, dance, and music of the Southwest's first inhabitants. Cady, Jack. Cherokee woman reopens the 7-year-old investigation of her father's murder. Cahn, Edgar S. Our brother's keeper: the Indian in white America. Indictment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Caistor, Nick, ed. Columbus's egg: new Latin American stories on the Conquest. Latin American writers react to the Spanish conquest. Calloway, Colin G. Traces the history of America's native peoples from the Appalachians to the Pacific until Describes constant environmental changes with development of a corn-growing agriculture, introduction of horses, acquisition of guns, and decimation from disease, among other factors.

Also discusses continuing conflicts due to inter-tribal feuding and European penetration. The Western Abenakis of Vermont, war, migration, and the survival of an Indian people. History of a small Native American tribe. Camuto, Christopher. Another country: journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains.

Reflections on the history, ecology, and myths of the southern Appalachian region. Describes local Cherokee culture, which emphasizes living in harmony with nature, and discusses the reintroduction of the red wolf into the area. Canby, Peter. The heart of the sky: travels among the Maya. Account of 3 years among the Maya of Central America and Mexico. Capps, Benjamin. The great chiefs. Account of the 19th century Indian chiefs of the Old West.

Woman Chief. Novel based upon the true story of an Atsina Indian woman who was captured by the Crow Indians at age ten and worked her way up from slavery and horse tender to become a Crow chief and a legend in her own time. Carlile, Clancy. Children of the dust. Two intertwined stories of interracial love in the West during the s Oklahoma land rush.

Violence and some strong language. Carlisle, Henry C. The land where the sun dies. Epic novel of the second Seminole War. Carmody, Denise L. Native American religions: an introduction. Explores the belief systems of tribes from North, South, and Central America. Carr, A. Eye killers: a novel. Elderly Native American battles a vampire who kidnapped his grand-daughter. Carter, Forrest. The education of Little Tree. Memoir of growing up with Cherokee grandparents in the Tennessee mountains. Watch for me on the mountain.

Novelized life of Geronimo, the great Apache chief, based on Indian oral history. The author is Storyteller in Council to the Cherokee Nations. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Caso, Alfonso. The Aztecs: people of the sun. A scholarly examination of the Aztecs and their religion. Castaneda, Omar S. Among the volcanoes. Isabel Pacay, the eldest daughter of a Mayan family in Guatemala, has a dream--to stay in school and become a teacher. Catlin, George. North American Indians.

Letters written by the famous artist between and , as he travelled among the Plains Indians. Ceram, C. The first American: a story of North American archaeology. Wide-ranging account of the development of North American archaeology, with particular emphasis on early man, the Southwest, the American Indian, and the mound builders. Chalfant, William Y. Cheyennes and horse soldiers: the expedition and the Battle of Solomon's Fork. Account of the first major battle between the U.

Army and the Cheyenne nation. Chapman, George. Chief William McIntosh: a man of two worlds. Biography of a Creek chief. Charbonneau, Eileen. Rachel Le Moyne. Chatters, James C. Discussion of the anthropological and legal debate surrounding the discovery of 9,year-old skeletal remains in Kennewick, Washington. The bones have provoked controversy between the scientists who hope to investigate their origins and local Native Americans who claim ancestral reburial rights.

Byron's grandfather Jonas visits Byron's classroom in La Loche, Saskatchewan, to tell the children a Tinne Indian story about the seasons. Clastres, Pierre. Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians. A scholarly look at the Guayaki tribe.

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Coltelli, Laura, ed. Winged words: American Indian writers speak. Eleven Native American novelists and poets discuss their recollections and ideas. Colton, Larry. Sharon LaForge, a Native American from Montana, plays on her high school's basketball team, hoping to win a college scholarship. Explores life on the impoverished Crow Indian Reservation and describes the obstacles that Sharon and her teammates encounter. Conley, Robert J. Cherokee dragon: a novel of the real people. A fictionalized biography of the eighteenth-century Cherokee leader Dragging Canoe, who envisions the unification of all Native Peoples to block the westward expansion of Europeans in the United States.

Crazy Snake. In the U. This story tells how the authorities reneged on their promise, conflict ensued, and Chief Crazy Snake wagered his life to ensure the Creeks' survival. Mountain windsong: a novel of the Trail of Tears. Historical novel of 2 sundered lovers, Oconechee and Waguli. Connell, Evan S. Son of the Morning Star. Explores the defeat of General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn by delving into the significance of Indian-white relations. Cooke, John Byrne.

The snowblind moon: a novel of the West. A panoramic historical novel of the Dakotas in the s and the clash between Indians and settlers. Some violence and some strong language. Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth. From the river's edge. Dakota rancher, caught up in the white man's court system, falls in love. Cooper, Michael L. Indian School: teaching the white man's way.

Focusing on the Carlisle, Pennsylvania school founded in , the author describes the institutions that were created to teach Native American children to fit into white society and to shed their own culture. Cornelissen, Cornelia. Soft Rain: a story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Soft Rain is 9 years old in when soldiers come to move her Cherokee tribe from North Carolina to the West.

Coy, Harold. Man comes to America.

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  • Theories of how prehistoric people arrived in the Americas, for grades Craven, Margaret. I heard the owl call my name. With only two years to live, a young minister is sent by his bishop into the wilds of British Columbia to a parish called Kingcome. There, among vanishing Indians, Mark Brian learns enough of the meaning of life not to fear death. Creech, Sharon. Walk Two Moons. A year ago, Sal's grieving mother left Sal and her father to visit Idaho and never returned. Sal's father has accepted that his wife is not coming back, but Sal has not.

    As she and her grandparents travel to Idaho to find her mother, Sal tells them "an extensively strange story" about her new friend Phoebe, whose mother also disappeared. And Sal gets to walk two moons in her mother's moccasins. Newbery Medal. Crow Dog, Leonard.

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    Crow Dog: four generations of Sioux medicine men. Family history of the Brule clan named Crow Dog also describes Lakota rituals and ceremonies. Curry, Jane Louise. Back in the beforetime: tales of the California Indians. Hold up the sky: and other Indian tales from Texas and the Southern Plains. Twenty-six stories passed down through the generations from different tribes who inhabited the United States southwest plains. Includes brief information about each of the fourteen Native American storytelling tribes represented in this collection.

    Turtle Island: tales of the Algonquian nations. Collection of twenty-seven tales with an introduction to Algonquian Indian culture; describes variations among the group's numerous tribes, which are found in the eastern United States and Canada. The title story recounts how a turtle's back became the Earth's foundation after a great flood. The wonderful sky boat: and other Native American tales of the Southeast. Collection of twenty-seven stories from the Catawba, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Seminole tribes among others, retold in modern English.

    A Hitchiti tale, "Heron and Hummingbird," explains why hummingbirds drink nectar rather than water. Includes notes about the original storytellers and their languages. Davis, Deborah. The secret of the seal. Day, Donald. Will Rogers: a biography. Biography of the home-spun American philosopher and humorist who commented wittily and irreverently on the American scene and on politicians from the president on down. DeArmond, Dale.

    Berry Woman's children. The boy who found the light: Eskimo folktales. De Barthe, Joseph. The life and adventures of Frank Grouard, chief of scouts, U. First published in , an account of the courageous life of Scout Grouard. Captured by the Indians for a long period, he recorded the long history of the Sioux nation. De Lint, Charles. Someplace to be flying. Gypsy-cab driver Hank intervenes in the mugging of photojournalist Lily and is shot.

    Two mysterious crow sisters kill the mugger and heal Lily and Hank, arousing their interest to learn more about the "animal people. De Paola, Tomie. The legend of the Indian paintbrush. Little Gopher looks for colors to record his tribe's stories. De Wit, Dorothy. Condition is Used. If there is any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!

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    Material: Afrian jade. Necklace Jewelry A3. Toggle navigation Menu.

    Dream Catcher. View Larger Photos. Book It Now 25 people are interested in this property! Check In Date:. Check Out Date:. Please select a Check In Date by using the calendars. Book Now! Instant Quote. Total Rent Includes Discount :. Security Deposit:. Our rent includes all linens, towels, a starter supply of paper products, and our exclusive Mountain Discovery Pass! Rent does not include taxes, damage coverage, optional insurance, or pet fees at pet-friendly properties.

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