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Jun 15, Katie. This is definitely closer to 3. But it was a definite improvement on the other novels in the series by Liz Braswell; this one actually contained substance. The very bare bones on the ending of Mulan is in the story, the rest is original. The underworld itself was incredibly descriptive and explored fully. Everything was just resolved too neatly for me however. Jun 05, Kayla rated it really liked it. All right A Twisted Tale , I'll give you this one. It was pretty good. If you've seen my reviews for the first 3 books in this series, you probably know that I was not a fan.

The only reason I decided to continue the series was that I noticed this one was written by a different author and all I can say is Thank you. Elizabeth Lim's twist on Mulan was a solid retelling. For those of us who have seen the movie, it starts off with the battle against the Huns on the mountain where Shang gets injured. However, his injury doesn't get better and it starts to look like they are losing him. So Mulan makes a promise to retrieve his soul from the underworld.

But of course that journey is not easy. I liked that this story stayed true to the Mulan that we know and love. This seemed like it could have easily been the path Mulan chose. And we really got to see her relationship with Shang grow and see the trust that exists between the two of them. But let's be honest, the standout of this story was ShiShi - Shang's guardian.

He accompanied Mulan on her journey and was the shining light of this tale. I gasped when he jumped off of the mountain of knives, fearing that we'd seen the last of this heroic lion. I didn't realize until that point just how attached I had become to him. This is by far the best one out of this fairytale retelling series so far. Jul 05, Noah Dorky Bookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: plot-twists , rereadable-material , romantic , fiction , fantasy , paranormal , young-adult , retelling.

In this Mulan Retelling, anything is possible. Mulan is as strong as ever. Mushu is as funny as ever. Mulan's quest and affliction on whether she should be pretending to be a man and honor her family is as good as ever. Basically this is a really good novel. Go read this retelling. Mar 07, Sam rated it it was ok. Reflection starts off at the battle with the huns on the mountains - we've all seen the movie, you know what part I'm talking about.

Shang gets mortally wounded and is facing deaths door he ends up in the underworld and Mulan goes down to rescue him. Cute premise? Well executed? Maybe it's because Mulan is probably my favourite Disney movie of all time an Reflection starts off at the battle with the huns on the mountains - we've all seen the movie, you know what part I'm talking about. Maybe it's because Mulan is probably my favourite Disney movie of all time and so this was marring all of my childhood memories.

Who knows. Of course there had to be the "You fight good" in there, because of course. Shang found out about Mulan around halfway through and it was an alright reveal. He hated it and left her alone in the underworld after she came down and risked her life to save him, but that means nothing in the face of being a woman. Eventually he came back to rescue her and he forgave her and then all the sexual tension started up. I did like the final test of the underworld though, it was in the Chamber of Mirrors. She had to face her "reflection". I wish I didn't read this book because I liked having my favourite Disney movie be my only Mulan memory I also quite enjoyed Mulan 2 enough for it to not have a negative impact , but this one was just a miss.

No thank you. May 01, Katie Zhao rated it it was amazing. Reading this book was like taking a momentary leap back in time into my childhood, but exploring it in a whole new way! This book was such a fantastic retelling or alternate retelling? Instead of Mulan getting wounded by Shan-Yu, Shang takes her place! So now, Mulan worries about saving Shang from Death and this leads her to traveling into the Underworld and bargaining with King Yama, the ruler of Diyu.

Action-packed and as empowering and exciting as our beloved Disney movie, this book is certainly meant to be read and loved! Apr 16, Estee Hull rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , Okay, this book was so much h better than the first three. I don't know why but it really was. I found myself not being able to put the book down, which happens a lot, but not to this extreme. I loved how the story center together to form this new story that could have easily been the movie. Elizabeth Lim put together a story that just from reading about it would not be promising, but I was proved wrong.

Very wrong. View 1 comment. Sep 10, R. Rejino rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites-of Mar 27, Shenwei rated it it was amazing Shelves: by-and-about-poc , asian-reads. Jan 30, Luna rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-magic. This book follows the journey of Mulan as she travels to the underworld and tries to save her friend Shang from dying. This book picks up around the time the movie left off, and to me it seemed like the author used the movie as an excuse to not provide proficient background nor elaborate on the relationship with Mulan and Shang.

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I think this book is more of a middle grade book and I was unable to get into it because of that. The writing was so simple, and I think that the form of writing the novels are what makes it the best so this book kind of fell short for me. At some points I felt like the plot was dragging on and on to make the book longer, because honestly if the plot had been shortened this book would've barely reached pages.

I received this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Aug 10, Intisar Khanani rated it liked it Shelves: fairy-tales. A fun story, and overall an enjoyable read that asks the question: what if it was Shang who was wounded by Shan-Yu and not Mulan?

What if Mulan then had to rescue Shang's spirit from the underworld? This read, published by Disney, clearly keeps every close to the movie in beginning, but when it departs, it departs. I enjoyed Mulan's journey, and her character development. I loved the vision of the underworld, and the new guardian creature we meet. But I was somewhat disappointed in the developme A fun story, and overall an enjoyable read that asks the question: what if it was Shang who was wounded by Shan-Yu and not Mulan?

But I was somewhat disappointed in the development of Mulan's relationship with Shang. Of course we all know that at some point he has to find out she's a girl--I appreciated how that happened in this book, but things worked out from there a little too fast for me. I wanted more trouble, more nuance, more struggle. Maybe I just like characters suffering.

Actual rating: 3. Apr 02, Colleen's Conclusions rated it it was amazing Shelves: physical-copy-book , books-i-actually-own-that-aren-t-eb. I actually bought the hardback copy of Reflection to add it along to my fairy tales books collection. I liked the Beauty and the Beast retelling and the Aladdin retelling but those two books didn't compare to this one. I liked Elizabeth Lim's style. She gave us the story that we all knew and twisted it into a world that reminded me very much of Hercules, minus the characters from the Hercules movie.

Mulan and Hercules were not my favorite Disney movies. I appreciated Mulan when I was a kid, but B I actually bought the hardback copy of Reflection to add it along to my fairy tales books collection. Reflection just gave me, dare I say it Sorry about that Disney pun. I just really liked this plot twist and it was a very fast read for me. I think I actually read hardback copies quicker than I read an ebook. Now I want to watch Mulan again this weekend on my Netflix to appreciate it all over again.

Another reason why I liked Reflection Mulan and Shang! I thought that ship was just really well done, and if I didn't like them before, well I definitely ship them together now! My heart was just swooning all over the place for those two over the end. It was just really well done. Reflection even had a bit where the title meaning fell into place. I just need to read the Sleeping Beauty one sometime. This book was a five star read because it went beyond my expectations and hopes for it and it makes me want to watch the Disney movie this weekend, and that ship was just so great at the end and I read the book in a day I definitely recommend it.

Aug 28, Kristen Coffin rated it liked it Shelves: bookstagram , fairytales-retellings. It's more on par with A Whole New World. I like this one because it's not so much as a twist as in "what if Jafar found the lamp first? A different version of how Shang finds out Mulan is a female.

I like this version because there's more mythology and adventure, and you get to "All of life is a dream walking, all of death is a going home. I like this version because there's more mythology and adventure, and you get to see Mulan being badass. Mulan is my favourite Disney movie ever and I missed more of the essence of the film in the book. Besides, I would have enjoyed it more, I think, if Mushu had been a regular character intead of only appearing a few times.

I would also would have like to see a deeper development of Shang and Mulan's relationship as something more than a captain and his soldier, because that's what we don't get in the film. The whole adventure makes for an enjoyable reading but don't expect it to be among your favourite books ever.

Sep 08, Shadowdenizen rated it really liked it Shelves: media-tie-in. Perhaps the best entry in the series so far! This book started with bonus points for focusing on a film I love, that has been undeservedly overlooked and underestimated for far too long. Couple that with an interesting "twist" that expertly weaves Asian mythology into the Disney mythos, while remaining true to tge core of the characters?

THIS is what the next books in the series should aspire to! Apr 10, Jennie Damron rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. The story was captivating and the writing good. The author stayed true to Mulans' story while giving it her own unique spin. My time reading this book was well spent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves retellings of well known Tales. Mar 28, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in I had high hopes for this one, because Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Mulan and Shang grow and develop.

I also liked the relationship between Shang and his father. Mulan is still trying to figure out who she is, and I thought the book did a great job depicting her inner struggle. In this story, Shang has pushed Mulan out of the I had high hopes for this one, because Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. In this story, Shang has pushed Mulan out of the way when Shan Yu attacks, so he is the one who is stabbed.

I would have liked Mushu to tag along with her to the underworld. I also would have liked a little more from the ending. It seemed very abrupt. Apr 24, Esmay rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites-of , favorites , stand-alones. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all. I love the way in which Elizabeth Lim made her story, the plot was so intricately woven and beautiful. The way in which she shaped the characters and how she formed Diyu was amazing.

I thinks he captured the true essence of both Mulan and Shang. What I did find sad is that Mushu was not part of her journey, our little travel sized dragon is one of m The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all. What I did find sad is that Mushu was not part of her journey, our little travel sized dragon is one of my favourite elements of Mulan, but sadly he is only part of the book for a smart amount of time. I also missed some other major characters and I wished the ending was a little longer.

Nonetheless I am utterly in love with this new twist to Mulan and I hope that there will be a sequal, it probably won't happen, but here's to hoping! Sep 05, Femke rated it really liked it. I was really surprised by this book! I definitely thought I would like it, but I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I would. I think Lim captured the characters' essence from the film very well and managed to create an interesting and captivating story.

Entangled Abramson, Poulson, Luke, and Black

I also liked the addition of Shi-Shi, Shang's protector. I do think it's a shame that Shi-Shi was added instead of Mushu, and I did miss Mushu's snark in this novel, but all in all I think this is a really good book. The writing st 4 stars! The writing style is nice and easy and I therefore flew through this book although it took me way to long before actually starting it.

I am excited to see how well Lim does with her own world and characters, but from what I have read, I have full confidence that she is capable of creating amazing worlds and characters! Jul 11, Carla A rated it liked it. I never saw the Disney movie but thought this was fine. Nothing special lacks some nuance. Jon initially mistakes Tormund Giantsbane Kristofer Hivju for Mance and kneels before him, making the wildlings to break into laughter. Tyrion meets with Tywin for the first time since Tywin returned to the capital in a blaze of glory. Tywin informs him, in no uncertain terms, that he will never be heir to the ancestral Lannister seat of Casterly Rock — despite the fact that Jaime cannot inherit land or titles as a member of the Kingsguard.

By establishing herself as a queen of the people, Margaery quickly puts herself at odds with Cersei, who only knows how to rule with an iron fist. Littlefinger comes to call on Sansa with Ros in tow. Davos is alive. Stannis throws Davos in the dungeon after he speaks out against Melisandre and tries to pull a knife on her. With his men losing heart, Robb orchestrates an assault on Harrenhal only to find that the Lannisters have deserted the castle and left hundreds of slaughtered Northern prisoners in their wake.

Robb and Talisa discover only one survivor, a maester named Qyburn Anton Lesser. She begins negotiations to purchase an army of elite eunuch slave soldiers known as the Unsullied with their owner, Kraznys mo Nakloz Dan Hildebrand , who speaks to Dany via his translator Missandei Nathalie Emmanuel. While discussing her options with Jorah on the way back to the ship, Daenerys spots a young girl who hands her a wooden ball as a gift.

A hooded figure suddenly rushes up and knocks the ball to the ground, where it opens to reveal a poisonous manticore. The man stabs the manticore and chases off the child, who is actually an assassin sent by the Warlocks of Qarth, before revealing himself as Ser Barristan Selmy — the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard who was dismissed by the Lannisters back in season 1. Ser Barristan kneels and swears fealty to Daenerys before requesting permission to join her Queensguard. But we have to make it, have to warn them. Speaking of wargs, Bran is still dreaming about that mysterious three-eyed raven.

After a boy appears to him in one such dream and tells Bran that he himself is the raven, Bran and co. Jojen explains to Bran that he is not only a warg, but also — like Jojen himself — has the Sight , the ability to perceive past, present and future events through prophetic dreams and visions. When Shae warns Sansa to be wary of Littlefinger and suggests that he is interested in her sexually, Sansa is quick to brush her off. At Harrenhal, Robb receives two ravens. One informs him that his grandfather, Hoster Tully, has died at Riverrun.

Rickard bashes Robb for forsaking any possible marriage alliances by marrying Talisa. Theon wakes after being knocked out by the ironborn to find himself in an unknown location being tortured by unknown men. After a gruesome questioning session, a boy who says he was sent by Yara promises to help him escape. The men take them to an inn to feed them and are about to let them continue on their way when a few other Brotherhood members bring in a captive Hound. Arya attempts to stay out of sight, but the Hound quickly identifies her as a Stark, much to the surprise of the group.

Brienne manages to get the best of Jaime but not before a unit of patrolling Bolton soldiers shows up to take them prisoner. Stannis is also still struggling in the wake of his defeat at Blackwater Bay. In Astapor, Daenerys is getting a firsthand look at the horrors of slavery. During a second meeting with Kraznys mo Nakloz, the owner of the Unsullied repeatedly insults her in High Valyrian — with Missandei softening the translation of his words — as they negotiate over the price of his army.

Mance Rayder explains to Jon that his brothers have been turned into wights. He then orders Tormund to take 20 men, including Jon, to climb the Wall and prepare to ambush Castle Black from the south while the rest of the wildling army attacks from the north. Sam wanders outside and witnesses Gilly giving birth to the baby she was pregnant with when the ranging party stopped at the keep on their way north. With the help of the young man who promised him aid in the previous episode, Theon is able to escape from the dungeon where he was being tortured.

Unfortunately, his captors quickly catch up with him. As the torturers prepare to rape Theon, the young man intercedes once again and kills them. However, they make a deal with the innkeeper to leave Hot Pie behind to work as a baker. When they stop to make camp for the night, some of the men drag Brienne into the woods to rape her. Varys has no proof, only rumors, but uses the opportunity to teach Tyrion that the best revenge takes time and patience. After telling Tyrion the story of how he was castrated, Varys reveals that he has finally tracked down the sorcerer who cut him when he was just a young boy.

Shortly afterward, Margaery takes a stroll with Sansa and plants the idea in her mind that she would be best served by marrying Loras and living at Highgarden , the seat of House Tyrell. But Tywin turns her words back on her. In the North, the young man who rescued Theon from his captors tell him that he is taking him to Deepwood Motte , the stronghold of House Glover where Yara is supposedly waiting. Theon confides in him that he knows he made the wrong choice when he picked the Greyjoys over the Starks and that the boys he killed while holding Winterfell were not Bran and Rickon.

Unfortunately for Theon, the young man has only been toying with him and eventually leads him back to the same dungeon where he was originally being held. New guards tie him back up while the young man watches on with glee. All hell breaks loose as Sam flees the keep with Gilly and her newborn baby. After Dany relinquishes her biggest dragon, Drogon, to Kraznys mo Nakloz, he hands over a whip that gives her total control of the 8, Unsullied soldiers.

In a glorious display of cunning, Dany then orders the Unsullied — in Valyrian, which she has understood the whole time — to kill all of the slave masters and strike the chains off of every slave they see. When the battle is over, Daenerys gives the Unsullied the choice of leaving or staying to fight for her as free men. Each and every soldier stays and the army marches triumphantly away from Astapor.

You sound like a bloody woman. When Locke and his men finally deliver their hostages to Harrenhal, Roose Bolton is displeased to learn that Locke has butchered Jaime, a valuable political prisoner. Later, Jaime joins Brienne in the bathhouse and tells her his side of the story behind his nickname, Kingslayer. Desperate to prevent the impending massacre, Jaime killed the pyromancer and then stabbed the Mad King in the back as he tried to run.

As soon as Ned Stark entered the throne room, Jaime knew that he had already judged him guilty. Jaime then faints and Brienne catches him in her arms.

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Having proved his innocence in the eyes of the Brotherhood, the Hound is released from custody and led away from the hideout. During a discussion with Beric and Thoros, Arya learns that the Lord of Light has enabled Thoros to resurrect Beric on six different occasions. They ultimately come to the conclusion that Robb will have to make nice with the Freys in order to recruit enough soldiers to have a chance at sacking the Lannister stronghold of Casterly rock. Shireen asks Stannis if Davos came back from the Battle of the Blackwater and Stannis tells her that he is being held in the dungeon for treason.

She offers to continue visiting and promises to teach him how to read when she does. Ygritte then leads Jon away to a cave and they sleep together for the first time. On the road from Astapor to the slave city of Yunkai, Jorah covertly tries to determine if Barristan knows that he was spying on Daenerys for Robert Baratheon when he was first in her service. Meanwhile, Daenerys asks the Unsullied to select one of their own as their leader.

A soldier named Grey Worm Jacob Anderson steps forward. While spying on Sansa and Loras discussing their wedding in the gardens, Tyrion finally accuses Cersei of trying to have him killed during the Battle of the Blackwater. However, her silence leads him to the conclusion that it was actually Joffrey who gave the order.

Tyrion is then forced to break the marriage news to Sansa in front of Shae, much to the dismay of everyone involved. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. We will meet again. However, Roose says that Brienne must stay behind as his prisoner. As Bran and co. When he wakes, he tells Bran that he saw Jon surrounded by enemies. They begin their climb and Jon saves both their lives before they reach the top of the Wall and kiss.

Daenerys, meanwhile, is focused on freeing the slaves of Yunkai. He tells her that the masters are prepared to provide her with as much gold and as many ships as she needs to get her army to Westeros, but she refuses his offer. As they sail past the wreckage of the Battle of the Blackwater, Melisandre reveals to Gendry that he is the son of King Robert Baratheon. Gendry seems somewhat enamored with Melisandre, but Arya is still enraged that the Brotherhood sold him out for gold. She sneaks out of their hideout and tries to escape into the night, but is intercepted by the Hound, who kidnaps her.

That night, Talisa tells Robb she is pregnant. Ygritte reaffirms her feelings for Jon by declaring that she is his and he is hers. After Jojen explains that he and Meera plan to take Bran beyond the Wall to find the Three-Eyed Raven, Osha grows increasingly distressed and reveals that her husband was turned into a wight by the White Walkers and that she refuses to step foot beyond the Wall ever again. In his dungeon cell, Theon is awakened by two women who begin seducing him. He races back to Harrenhal to find that Locke and his men are forcing Brienne to fight a bear with just a wooden sword for protection.

Jaime rescues her from a near-certain death and triumphantly departs the castle with Brienne at his side. Jaime proves that he has truly come to care about Brienne when, at his own peril, he returns to Harrenhal to rescue her from Locke. When Sam and Gilly stop at an abandoned hut to rest for the night on their way back to the Wall, they see two crows land on a nearby heart tree before going inside.

Later that night, as they discuss baby names and their fathers, they suddenly hear a whole murder of crows cawing outside. Sam tries to fend it off with his sword, but the sword shatters as soon as the White Walker touches it. The Walker then bears down on Gilly, clearly intent on taking her baby, but Sam runs up behind it and stabs it in the back with a dagger made of dragonglass.

The Walker shrieks, falls to the ground and disintegrates as Sam and Gilly flee. They refuse and later plot to assassinate her. Unfortunately for Mero and Prendahl, Daario has taken a liking to Dany and decides to kill them instead. That night, he swears allegiance to Daenerys and commits the Second Sons soldiers to her cause. Davos, on the other hand, is still not ready to pledge any sort of fealty to Melisandre. After Mel returns to Dragonstone with Gendry, Stannis questions why she is treating him so kindly when they are just planning on sacrificing him to the Lord of the Light.

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Stannis then pays a visit to the dungeons to ask Davos for his opinion on her plan to sacrifice Gendry. Stannis agrees to free Davos as long as he promises never to go after Melisandre again. Meanwhile, Mel has been busy seducing Gendry, tying him to a bed and placing leeches on his stomach. When Stannis and Davos enter the room, she hands Stannis the leeches and he throws them into the fire while speaking the names of the three usurpers to his throne: Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon. Speaking of captors and their prisoners, Arya decides to have a go at killing the sleeping Hound, but ultimately backs off once he reveals he is actually awake.

Once the vows are said, Tyrion quickly begins drowning his sorrows in wine, which leads to an extremely tense confrontation with his nephew that Tywin is forced to diffuse. Shae enters the room the next morning and smiles when it becomes clear that the marriage was not consummated.

With her army stationed outside the walls of Yunkai, Daenerys still has to figure out a way to infiltrate the city. The trio is at first outnumbered, but ultimately succeeds in sacking Yunkai, giving Daenerys control of yet another slaver-city. Just south of the Wall, Bran and co. Jon hits a rock with his sword to warn the old man of their approach and he flees on horseback.

Unfortunately, the wildlings catch up with him just outside the mill. Outside, Orell insists that Jon should be the one to kill the old man but Jon cannot bring himself to do it. Ygritte is forced to fire an arrow at the old man instead and Tormund orders the wildlings to kill Jon while holding Ygritte back from defending him. Jon kills Orell and then flees on horseback, leaving Ygritte behind.

After an emotional goodbye, Osha, Rickon and Shaggydog set off into the night. Meanwhile, Sam and Gilly are trying to figure out how to get south of the Wall. Brace yourselves. After arriving at the Twins, Robb fulfills his promise to publicly apologize to Walder Frey, but not without Walder getting in some lecherous jabs about Talisa. However, when all is said and done, Walder welcomes the Starks into his home as his guests.

At the altar, Edmure is pleasantly surprised to discover that his bride-to-be, Roslin, is much more stereotypically attractive than the rest of the Freys and the wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch. Everyone sits as Walder Frey rises to make a toast to Robb, but Catelyn is focused on Roose Bolton, who holds his arm out to her to reveal that he is wearing chain mail under his clothes.

Both Catelyn and Robb are hit with arrows and fall to the floor. Outside, Arya has given the Hound the slip and is waiting to sneak into the banquet hall when she realizes something is amiss. The Hound then finds her, knocks her out and carries her away from the massacre. Back inside, Walder motions for his men to stop the attack as Robb crawls across the floor to a dead Talisa.

Roose Bolton then strides up to Robb and stabs him in the heart to finish the job. Having made a deal with the Lannisters, Walder Frey violates the sacred Westerosi tradition of guest right and massacres the Starks after welcoming them into his home. The immediate fallout from the Red Wedding reverberates across the Seven Kingdoms as season 3 comes to a close. As the Freys continue to massacre the Stark army camped outside the Twins, the Hound flees the scene with an unconscious Arya.

Unfortunately, she wakes up at exactly the wrong moment and sees a decapitated Robb being paraded through the castle gates with the head of his direwolf sewn to his body in place of his own. Arya surprises the Hound by dismounting, wandering over to the man and brutally and repeatedly stabbing him.

Roose smartly expresses concern over the Blackfish — who inadvertently escaped the massacre by leaving the banquet hall to pee — but Walder brushes him off. Walder then asks him about the sack of Winterfell and Roose reveals that it was his bastard, Ramsay Snow Iwan Rheon , who actually destroyed the castle, not the ironborn. Instead, he gives Theon a new nickname, Reek. His letter also reveals that he flayed and killed all 20 of the ironborn men who held Winterfell — despite the fact that they met his terms by surrendering Theon — and plans to do the same with any ironborn who are left in the North.

However, Tywin remains calm and simply sends Joffrey to bed to diffuse the situation. Tywin then sits Tyrion down and orders him to consummate his marriage with Sansa in order to produce a son who can become Warden of the North. Tywin also cruelly reveals that he wanted to kill Tyrion on the day he was born by throwing him into the sea, but chose not to because Tyrion is a Lannister. When Tyrion returns to his chambers, he finds a despondent Sansa crying over the news of the Red Wedding.

After a long and arduous journey, Jaime, Brienne and Qyburn arrive in the capital. Jaime immediately seeks out Cersei, who is shocked at his appearance. Gilly reveals that she has decided to name her baby Sam. When Jon stops to wash out his wounds en route to Castle Black, he looks up to see that Ygritte has tracked him down and has her bow drawn on him.

Ygritte is visibly distraught and fires three arrows into him as he rides away. Despite his injuries, Jon is still able to make it back to Castle Black, much to the delight of Sam and Pyp. At Dragonstone, Davos decides to set Gendry free before Melisandre can sacrifice him to the Lord of Light and helps him escape in a rowboat.

Stannis sentences Davos to die for his treason, but Davos has a plan. Surprisingly, Melisandre agrees and Davos is spared. Outside of Yunkai, Daenerys prepares to greet the slaves she has freed. As punishment for murdering a guest beneath his roof, the gods cursed the cook and turned him into a rat who could only eat his own young. Although three of the kings battling for the throne in the War of the Five Kings are still alive, the Lannisters have pretty much got the Seven Kingdoms on lock.

For now, that is. Oberyn believes that it was Tywin who ordered the Mountain to kill them. However, this time, Ser Dontos Hollard — the knight that Sansa prevented Joffrey from killing back in the season 2 premiere — shows up to give her a necklace that he says belonged to his mother as a token of his gratitude. When Tyrion returns to his chambers, Shae is waiting to seduce him, but he rebuffs her. Shae accuses him of being in love with Sansa and of sending Varys to try to bribe her to leave, but he denies both claims.

Shae then storms out of the room. Elsewhere in the castle, Cersei watches as Qyburn fits Jaime with a golden prosthetic hand. When Qyburn leaves, Jaime tries to kiss Cersei but she pulls away and tells him that he took too long to come back and that things have changed. Before Jaime can get a straight answer out of her, their conversation, the eavesdropping handmaiden interrupts them. Later, Joffrey mocks him for his lack of accomplishments as a member of the Kingsguard and questions his ability to continue to serve with only one hand.

He then meets with Brienne, who chastises him for failing to deliver on his promise to help Sansa. Meanwhile, Ygritte and Tormund are still awaiting orders from Mance Rayder when a group of Thenns , a wildling clan that engages in cannibalism, shows up to join them. On the road to the third and final slaver-city of Meereen, Daenerys begins to realize that her three dragons are getting too big for her to control.

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  • Daenerys is horrified but resolves to look upon the face of every child that was killed. The Hound savagely takes out most of the other soldiers, but leaves Polliver for Arya, who kills him with Needle in the exact same way that he killed Lommy. Another wedding, another horrific death scene. In the woods surrounding the Dreadfort, Ramsay forces Theon, who he now exclusively refers to as Reek, to accompany him and his lover, Myranda Charlotte Hope , on a hunt with his dogs. At first, Roose is infuriated that Ramsay has both physically and psychologically tortured Theon, who Roose sees as a valuable hostage.

    Roose then orders Ramsay to take Theon and an army and reclaim Moat Cailin, an ironborn-controlled fortress on the border between the North and the Riverlands. He tells Ramsay that he will consider legitimizing him as a Bolton if he is successful. Meanwhile, Bran is struggling with the increasingly blurred lines between his own mind and that of his direwolf, Summer, as he continues to test out his warging abilities. When Bran comes out of his trance, he tells the rest of the group that he knows where they have to go.

    At a dinner following the ceremony, Stannis and Selyse argue over their daughter, Shireen, and Stannis prohibits Selyse from beating her. Selyse suggests that Melisandre should talk to Shireen instead and Melisandre agrees. At a breakfast leading up to the wedding, Tywin gifts Joffrey with the second Valyrian steel sword that he forged from Ice. Unable to resist an opportunity to torment his uncle, Joffrey promptly uses it to slash apart the rare book that Tyrion presented to him moments before. The tension between Joffrey and Tyrion continues to build when Joffrey orders Tyrion to be his cupbearer and to kneel before him, a command that Tyrion refuses.

    However, the wedding pie is brought out just in time to diffuse the situation. That is, until Joffrey takes another sip of wine to wash down his food and begins horrifically choking. As Joffrey lies on the ground dying, Ser Dontos Hollard appears out of nowhere and tells Sansa to come with him if she wants to live. She orders the Kingsguard to seize Tyrion for poisoning Joffrey and the Purple Wedding comes to a close. In some places, the highborn frown upon those of low birth. In other places, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful.

    What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter Myrcella has been sent to live in a latter sort of place. Cersei accuses Tyrion of murdering Joffrey after he is poisoned at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. After welcoming Sansa onboard, Littlefinger immediately orders his men to kill Dontos to ensure his silence. Sansa is horrified, but Littlefinger explains that Dontos only helped her for money and that he would just as soon turn on her if someone else offered him more.

    Tywin wastes no time trying to assert his influence over Tommen by giving him a lesson in kingly qualities. As Tywin escorts Tommen from the room, Jaime enters. The episode aired at a time when conversation around the meaning of consent was becoming increasingly common and even George R. Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series upon which the show is based, apologized to his fans for the portrayal. Although Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who play Cersei and Jaime, both said that the sex scene was not intended to look like rape , critics and viewers alike widely objected to the controversial sequence.

    Pod also tells him that he was asked to testify against Tyrion in exchange for a knighthood, but refused. On the road to the Eyrie — where the Hound plans to ransom Arya to her Aunt Lysa — the Hound and Arya take shelter at the home of a poor farmer and his daughter.

    Davos suggests that they hire a mercenary company called the Golden Company to increase their chances of taking the throne, but Stannis points out that they have no gold. Later, during a reading lesson with Shireen, Davos is suddenly struck with inspiration and asks her to compose a letter to the Iron Bank of Braavos for him. Unfortunately with the wildlings on the loose, the area just south of the wall is getting more and more dangerous. She selects Daario Naharis now played by Michiel Huisman and he easily takes out his opponent. A bolt in the heart buys it forever. Later, with her grandmother on the road back to Highgarden, Margaery pays Tommen a visit to begin getting acquainted with him.

    With his promise to Catelyn Stark still weighing on him, Jaime charges Brienne with finding Sansa and keeping her safe from anyone who would hand her over to Cersei. On the way to the Vale, Sansa accuses Littlefinger of killing Joffrey only to have him reveal that while he orchestrated the murder plot, it was the stones on the necklace that Ser Dontos gave her that contained the poison. At Castle Black, Jon and Ser Alliser Thorne continue to butt heads when Jon takes the lead on training a group of new recruits, including Locke, who have recently arrived at the Wall.

    Jon is well-liked and has a shot of beating Ser Alliser when Maester Aemon insists on holding a vote to elect a new Lord Commander. When the last wife that Craster impregnated before dying gives birth to a son, the women all insist that the boy must be left outside as a sacrifice to the White Walkers — a job that Karl tasks Rast with completing. While camping nearby, Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor overhear the baby crying and Bran wargs into Summer to assess the situation.

    However, before he can find the baby, he spots Ghost caged up outside the keep and falls into a trap himself. Bran awakens back in his own mind but insists on freeing Summer and Ghost before they leave. He also tells her that the masters are rising back up in both Yunkai and Astapor. In a move that surprises everyone involved, Cersei appears to extend an olive branch to Margaery by expressing support for her betrothal to Tommen.

    Later, Cersei and Tywin discuss the massive debt that the crown owes to the Iron Bank of Braavos — hence the need for an alliance with the rich Tyrells. However, it becomes clear that Lysa is still mentally troubled and suffering from delusions after she sends her son Robin to show Sansa to her room. Get ready for two major reveals.

    After she is left alone with Littlefinger, Lysa pleads for him to marry her that night by citing her willingness to poison her late husband, Jon Arryn, and then frame the Lannisters for his murder in a letter that she wrote to Catelyn as evidence of her longtime devotion to him. Lysa at first plays nice with her niece but suddenly goes mad with jealousy and accuses Sansa of sleeping with Littlefinger. Sansa is able to convince Lysa that Littlefinger only thinks of her as a stupid, naive girl, but her aunt has revealed her true colors.

    Lysa tells Sansa that she will be married to Robin once Tyrion has been executed for murdering Joffrey. Meanwhile, tensions are rising between Arya and the Hound as they also make their way to the Eyrie. When he returns to the woods, he lies to convince Jon and the rest of the brothers to avoid that area of the keep when they attack so that he can swoop in and kidnap Bran for himself to bring back to Roose Bolton. When Karl tries to rape Meera, Jojen delays him by revealing that he has the Sight and saying that he had a vision of Karl dying that night.

    With no one watching the prisoners, Locke enters the hut and tries to carry Bran off into the night but Bran wargs into Hodor and uses him to kill Locke and save himself. Bran reluctantly tells Hodor to free Summer and the the group leaves without Jon ever knowing they were there. Another missed connection for the Starks. Lysa Arryn reveals that it was she who poisoned Jon Arryn and framed the Lannisters in order to provoke a conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks. Although it was Littlefinger, of course, who was the mastermind behind this devious plot.

    At the Dreadfort, Yara leads her crew of ironborn on a raid to rescue Theon. She finds him locked in the kennels with the dogs, but when she tries to free him, he physically fights her off and refuses to acknowledge that he is Theon, not Reek, out of fear of Ramsay. When Ramsay appears and threatens to set his hounds loose on Yara while Theon cowers in the corner of his cage, she realizes that her brother has been broken beyond repair and leaves without him. Back in the boat, she tells her fellow ironborn that Theon is dead. The next day, Ramsay rewards Theon for his loyalty by giving him a bath.

    In Meereen, Daenerys holds court in the throne room of the Great Pyramid. He claims that his father spoke out against crucifiying the slave children and that she crucified him anyway. The crown calls witness after witness — including Ser Meryn Trant, Grand Maester Pycelle, Cersei and Varys — who testifies against Tyrion while he is unable to defend himself.

    The 20 Best TV Crime Shows of the 21st Century, Ranked

    A clearly distraught Tyrion is then unable to control himself and announces that he wishes to confess. What follows is one of the most iconic speeches in Game of Thrones history. He then demands a trial by combat to decide his fate, a move that shocks everyone in the room and deeply angers Tywin. In the post-episode breakdown, showrunner D. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you, I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it!

    Tyrion demands a trial by combat in lieu of the rigged bench trial he is being subjected to by his father. Leading up to his trial by combat, Tyrion campaigns for a champion to fight in his stead only to have one fall into his lap. Things are looking pretty grim for Tyrion until Oberyn makes an unexpected appearance in the dungeons. In Meereen, Daenerys and Daario sleep together for the first time after he urges her to make better use of his two talents, war and women. Jorah warns Dany not to trust a sellsword who so easily betrayed his former captains. He then convinces her that her plan to send Daario and the Second Sons to retake Yunkai and execute all the remaining masters is misguided.

    Daenerys instead decides to send Hizdahr zo Loraq to explain to the masters of Yunkai that they can either play by her rules or die. She gives Jorah full credit for changing her mind. At Dragonstone, Selyse visits Melisandre in her chambers and finds her mid-bath. This is the first time we see Melisandre without her signature necklace , a detail that will prove important in the seasons to come.

    Ser Alliser, of course, denies him. After Pod reasons that the Hound is probably planning to ransom Arya off to her Aunt Lysa, they decide to make their way to the Eyrie. The Hound kills Biter after he surprise bites him on the neck and Arya stabs Rorge in the heart after making him reveal his name so she can officially add it to her kill list. Later, the Hound confirms that his disfigurement was caused by his brother, the Mountain, holding his face to a fire when they were little boys.

    When it begins to snow at the Eyrie, Sansa delights in building a snow replica of Winterfell. But when her cousin Robin tries to join in the fun, the situation quickly sours to the point that Sansa ends up slapping him. He then kisses her as Lysa watches angrily from a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Sansa pulls away, but the damage is clearly done. Littlefinger enters the room and convinces Lysa to release Sansa by assuring her that he will send Sansa away. Lysa smiles as Littlefinger reaches for her only for him to admit that he never loved her, only Catelyn, before pushing her out of the moon door to her death.

    When Theon makes it inside the fortress, it becomes clear that the ironborn holding it are sick, dying and at the end of their rope. Ramsay then flays and kills all of the remaining ironborn despite promising those who surrendered safe passage back to the Iron Islands. When Ramsay presents Moat Cailin to his father, Roose rewards him by legitimizing him as a true Bolton. In Meereen, love is in the air for Grey Worm and Missandei, who make eyes at each other while bathing in the same stream.

    What a line.

    Will the Marvels never cease?

    Now time for the bad news. After Ser Barristan receives a copy of the pardon that Robert Baratheon issued to Jorah as a reward for spying on Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons learns the truth about why her most trusted advisor originally came into her service — just as Tywin planned. Jorah begs for forgiveness, but Daenerys is unmoved and exiles him from Meereen.

    Twisted Tales and Tales of Terror - 80's Horror comics!

    She also resolves to have him killed if he ever returns. At the Eyrie, Littlefinger is forced to testify in front of a tribunal investigating the death of Lysa. When Littlefinger asks her why she helped him, she explains that while she knows what he wants, she has no idea what the nobility of the Vale would do with her. Later, as Littlefinger and Robin prepare to set out on a tour of the Vale, Sansa emerges to accompany them with newly dyed dark hair , a change that signals the beginning of a new phase in her life.

    Meanwhile, at the Bloody Gate , the entrance to the Eyrie, the Hound and Arya are stopped by a knight of the Vale who tells them that Lysa is dead. And now, for the main event. After an exhilarating fight sequence, Oberyn manages to impale the Mountain in the stomach, a blow that seems almost certainly fatal. Unfortunately, Oberyn is so caught up in getting the Mountain to not only confess, but also name Tywin as the one who gave him the order, that he gets too close to his massive opponent.

    As the horrified crowd looks on, Cersei smirks while Tywin pronounces Tyrion guilty and sentences him to die. Do you know why I have come all the way to this stinking, shit-pile of a city? For you. You raped my sister. You murdered her. You killed her children. Say it now and we can end this quick. Meanwhile, Gilly has made her way back to Castle Black, where Sam hides her away in a storage room to keep her safe during the coming battle. The two kiss for the first time before Sam heads back out to fight. As Jon and Ser Alliser watch the blaze from atop the Wall, Alliser admits that they should have sealed the tunnel like Jon suggested.

    When Ser Alliser realizes the castle is being attacked from both sides, he heads down to lead the men on the ground and leaves the all-but-useless Janos Slynt in charge of the Wall. Grenn then tricks Janos into thinking that he is needed below so that Jon can take command. Janos descends the Wall and goes to hide in the same supply closet as Gilly.

    When Jon sees two giants and a mammoth headed for the tunnel through the Wall, he orders Grenn to take five men and hold the inner gate at all costs. Sam then finds Jon and tells him that they need more men down below. Jon leaves Edd in charge of the Wall and descends to the keep where he orders Sam to release Ghost from his pen and launches himself into the clash. After a brutal fight with Styr that Jon only just manages to survive, he turns to find Ygritte pointing an arrow at him.

    He smiles at her and she hesitates long enough that Olly manages to fire an arrow into her back. They even manage to capture Tormund. As he and Sam walk through the passage that leads north of the Wall, they discover that Grenn and his men all sacrificed themselves to hold the inner gate. Jon heads north of the Wall on a mission to assassinate Mance Rayder in hopes that the wildling army will fall apart in the chaos that follows. Daenerys is dismayed but ultimately agrees on the condition that he draw up a contract with his master that lasts no longer than one year.

    The next supplicant to enter the room is a shepherd who presents Dany with the bones of his daughter and claims that Drogon is responsible for her death. Daenerys is beside herself and meets with Missandei and Grey Worm to discuss what to do about the dragons. Mance eventually realizes that Jon is actually just waiting for an opportunity to kill him, but before either can make a move, their meeting is interrupted by the blast of a war horn as Stannis and his cavalry come charging in.

    When Jon reveals that he is the bastard of Ned Stark, a man that Stannis respected, Stannis asks him for his advice on what to do with Mance. Jon convinces Stannis to take Mance prisoner and listen to what he has to say rather than execute him. After the ceremony — during which Jon catches Melisandre starring at him — Jon visits the captive Tormund to ask if he wants to say anything when they burn the bodies of the dead wildlings. Tormund tells Jon that Ygritte truly loved him and urges him to lay her to rest where she belongs, in the true North. Jon builds a funeral pyre beyond the Wall and does just that.

    Even further north, Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor and Summer finally reach the giant weirwood tree that Bran saw in his vision. But it turns out the area around the tree is being guarded by wights, who begin popping out of the snow and attacking them. Bran wargs into Hodor to help Meera and Jojen fend of the undead, but Jojen is mortally wounded. Thankfully, one of the Children of the Forest emerges from the cave under the tree to rescue the group. Bran then finally meets the human embodiment of the three-eyed raven that he has been dreaming about since season 1, an old man entwined with the roots of the giant weirwood tree.

    The Three-Eyed Raven Struan Rodger tells Meera that Jojen knew that he would die on the journey and came anyway, and then provides Bran with a cryptic explanation of his purpose. On the road to the Eyrie, Brienne stumbles upon Arya practicing her water dancing.

    Brienne tries to explain to Arya that she swore an oath to Catelyn to protect her, but after the Hound sees the Valyrian steel sword that Jaime gave her, he comes to the conclusion that she was sent by the Lannisters. The Hound and Brienne square off and what follows is one of the most brutal and epic fight sequences in Game of Thrones history. But by the time she gathers herself, Arya is gone. Later, Arya emerges from her hiding spot for one last conversation with the nearly dead Hound.

    She then goes to see Tywin to inform him that she has no intention of going through with her marriage to Loras. Later, Cersei tells Jaime about what she has done and declares that her relationship with him is more important than anything else. Jaime is seduced by her words and they sleep together. She grabs for a knife when she sees him, but he ultimately gets the upper hand and strangles her to death with her necklace.

    Tyrion then returns to the door where Jaime originally led him to find Varys waiting. The most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms is dead and the Lannisters are coming apart at the seams. Cersei demands that Maggy predict her future and Maggy asks for a taste of her blood. Then comes another — younger, more beautiful — to cast you down and take all you hold dear…The king will have 20 children, and you will have three…Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds. Those predictions alone are daunting enough, especially since almost all of them have come true.

    Later, Cersei runs into her cousin Lancel, who has become a member of the Sparrows, a religious cult devoted to the Faith of the Seven , and asks for her forgiveness for seducing her into their incestuous relationship and aiding in the death of her husband Robert. Margaery urges Loras to be more discreet about his sexuality, but he shrugs her off. Tyrion, who has been locked in a crate drinking and lamenting his fate for two weeks, is in a foul mood.

    Later, Daario and Hizdahr zo Loraq return from Yunkai to report that the masters have agreed to allow a council made up of both former slaves and former masters to rule over the city if Daenerys will allow them to reopen the fighting pits, gladiator-like arenas where slaves fight to the death. At first, Dany refuses to even entertain the request, but she begins to have second thoughts after Daario urges her to reconsider.

    Later, Daenerys visits Rhaegal and Viserion in the catacombs under the city where they are chained up and, to her dismay, discovers that they are aggressive even toward her. In the Vale, Sansa and Littlefinger drop Robin off at the home of Lord Yohn Royce, who has agreed to take Robin in as his ward, before continuing on their way. Sansa notes to Littlefinger that they are traveling west rather than toward the Fingers , where Littlefinger told Lord Yohn they were going.

    Little does she know how close she is to finding Sansa as well. Stannis tells him that he aims to take back the North from the Boltons, but in order to do so, he needs the wildlings to fight for him. Jon does his best, but Mance refuses to yield, claiming that doing so would betray everything he believes. Mance is chained to the stake and the fire is lit, but before the flames can truly reach him, Jon fires an arrow into his heart to give him a quick death.

    For several days and nights, Arya waits outside the House repeatedly reciting her kill list. That is, until the old man shows up and scares them off. Arya follows him back to the House and the old man peels off his face to reveal the face of Jaqen. Arya is confused but follows him inside nonetheless. She asks him to let her to send Myrcella now played by Nell Tiger Free back to Cersei piece by piece as vengeance, but he denies her. Later, Cersei holds court at a meeting of the Small Council by announcing that she will be advising Tommen until he comes of age and chooses a Hand for himself.

    But when she tries to appoint her uncle, Kevan Lannister Ian Gelder , to the position of Master of War, he rebukes her by declaring that he returned to the capital to pay his respects to his brother, Tywin, not to serve as one of her flunkies. He goes on to say that he does not recognize her authority and will be waiting for word from the king at Casterly Rock. Cersei silently fumes over his insults. Varys also warns him to remain hidden, as Cersei has offered a lordship to any man who brings her his head.

    After Ser Barristan offers Daenerys some insight into how her father, the Mad King, ruled without a fair justice system, Dany decides to give the alleged murderer a trial rather than just execute him. As punishment for his actions, Daenerys has Mossador publicly executed, a decision backfires.

    It earns the ire of the freed slaves and incites a violent riot. That night, Drogon visits a distraught Daenerys on her balcony before again flying away. Brienne pledges her sword to Sansa, but Sansa recalls seeing Brienne bow to Joffrey at the royal wedding and refuses to go with her. Littlefinger attempts to have his guards take Brienne into custody, but Brienne and Pod manage to flee on horseback.

    After they are wed in the Great Sept of Baelor, Margaery and Tommen happily consummate their marriage. Fearing that Tommen will send her away, Cersei tries to kiss up to Margaery, but is mocked by Margaery for her efforts. Theon hides his face from Sansa when she passes, but the servant who shows Sansa to her room makes it known that many who live in the North are still devoted to the Stark family.

    Littlefinger insists that without Tywin, the Lannisters are no longer a threat, but Roose is uneasy that Littlefinger has received a message from Cersei in the night. Roose is wary about trusting Littlefinger, just as everyone in the Seven Kingdoms should be. He entrusts Sam with caring for Maester Aemon, whose health is failing, before promoting Ser Alliser to First Ranger as a show of respect. But when he orders Janos Slynt to take command of restoring the ruined castle Greyguard , Janos refuses and completely disrespects Jon in the process.

    After giving Janos several chances to back down, Jon orders his men to take him outside and beheads him for treason. When he looks up, Stannis, who was watching from across the courtyard, nods in approval. When she is confronted by the Waif Faye Marsay , another servant of the Faceless Men, the two get in a physical altercation that is only broken up when Jaqen intervenes. However, she is unable to part with Needle and instead hides her sword among some rocks. When she returns to the House, Jaqen allows her into the back rooms, where she and the Waif are tasked with washing a dead body.

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    In Volantis, Tyrion insists that Varys let him out of the carriage they are traveling in before he goes mad. Tyrion initially pokes fun at her sermon, but is clearly disconcerted when she turns and stares directly into his eyes. That night, at a brothel, Tyrion finds that he can no longer bring himself to sleep with a prostitute.

    You loved your family. Avenge them. Cersei meets with the High Sparrow and sows the seeds for an alliance between the Sparrows and the crown. Mace offers to front the crown the money, but Cersei is unwilling to give the Tyrells any more power and instead decides to send Mace to Braavos, along with Ser Meryn Trant, to ask the Bank for more time. Thinking that she can use the Sparrows to force the Tyrells into a corner, Cersei then meets with the High Sparrow, who has been appointed High Septon, and authorizes him to bring back the Faith Militant, an armed force in service to the Faith of the Seven that the Targaryens disbanded following their conquest of the Seven Kingdoms.

    Unwilling to escalate the conflict further, Tommen returns to the Red Keep without freeing Loras, prompting an angry Margaery to send a letter to Olenna requesting her help. However, it still seems like his feelings about his little brother are conflicted. After rowing ashore just outside the Dornish capital of Sunspear, Jaime and Bronn are accosted by four Dornish guards. They all agree that killing Myrcella as an act of war against the Lannisters is the best course of action, but Nymeria warns that they may have a problem. After sailing away from Volantis, Jorah reveals to Tyrion that he is taking him to Daenerys, not Cersei.

    Jorah knocks him out before he can say anything else. Selyse takes her leave and Melisandre questions Stannis about whether he plans to leave her behind when he marches on Winterfell like he did during the Battle of the Blackwater. He assures her he does not. Later, Sam presents Jon with several letters for him to sign requesting more men from the Northern lords. Jon initially refuses to sign the letter for Roose Bolton, protesting that Roose killed his brother Robb. But after Sam reminds him of his vows, Jon begrudgingly does his duty.

    When Shireen visits Stannis in his chambers at Castle Black, she asks him if he is ashamed of her, as Selyse cleary is. He responds by telling her the story of how she contracted Greyscale on her face as a baby and how he vowed to go to any lengths to stop the disease from spreading, which he did.

    Littlefinger comes looking for her and begins telling her about the Great Tourney at Harrenhal that took place when he was a young boy. Sansa insists that Lyanna was kidnapped and raped by Rhaeghar, as Robert Baratheon claimed, but Littlefinger makes a face that suggests he thinks otherwise. Sansa is justifiably wary about being left alone, but Littlefinger is confident that Stannis will soon defeat the Boltons and, as a show of respect for Ned, name Sansa Wardeness of the North.

    If nothing else, Littlefinger says that Sansa can begin sabotaging the Boltons from within before again kissing her on the lips. Unfortunately, Dany and Barristan are then interrupted by Daario, who reports that Hizdahr zo Loraq is waiting to see her. Hizdahr once again urges Daenerys to reopen the fighting pits, but she refuses.

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    Meanwhile, in the city streets, a patrol of Unsullied led by Grey Worm are ambushed by a faction of the Sons of the Harpy. As his men fall around him, a severely injured Grey Worm manages to keep fighting against all odds. Just when it seems like he is doomed, Ser Barristan swoops in and manages to take out nearly all of the remaining Sons of the Harpy before one stabs him in the stomach.

    I remember the girls laughing when he took off his helmet and they saw that silver hair, how handsome he was. Until he rode right past his wife, Elia Martell, and all the smiles died. Cersei authorizes the High Sparrow to bring back the Faith Militant as a ploy for using them as allies against the Tyrells. She orders Daario to round up the leaders of the great families of Meereen, including Hizdahr zo Loraq, and bring them before her in the catacombs under the city.

    She allows Rhaegal and Viserion to barbecue and eat one of them as a warning to the others before having them imprisoned. Later, Daenerys visits a terrified Hizdahr in his cell and tells him that she will reopen the fighting pits, but only for freed men. She goes on to say that, in order to forge a lasting bond with the Meereenese people, she has decided to marry the leader of one of the great families, a. Hizdahr himself. When Grey Worm wakes up from the coma he has been in since the attack, Missandei is sitting by his bedside.

    Grey Worm tells her that he is ashamed because he was afraid, but not of dying. When he was stabbed, he was afraid he would never see Missandei again. Missandei tears up and they kiss for the first time. Turns out Grey Worm has some serious game. Both she and Theon are shocked at the sight of the other and Sansa rushes away.

    That night, Theon confesses to Ramsay that Sansa saw him and Ramsay decides to put on a show. At a dinner with Sansa, Roose and Walda, Ramsay torments both Theon and Sansa by forcing Theon to serve the group and, in front of everyone, apologize to Sansa for murdering Bran and Rickon, which she still believes he did. Although Ramsay has been legitimized, he thinks a natural born son would still be a threat to his status as heir.

    However, during a post-dinner conversation, Roose reassures Ramsay that he thinks of him as his son before asking for his help defeating Stannis. Meanwhile, at an inn near the castle, Brienne asks a servant who is still loyal to the Starks to get a message to Sansa. Jon then meets with Tormund to negotiate an alliance with the wildlings.

    Tormund eventually agrees on the condition that Jon accompanies him to Hardhome , a fishing village beyond the Wall where many of the Free Folk fled after the Battle of Castle Black, to guarantee that the wildlings will be safe.