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Once it sees more blue sky than garage ceiling the hummingbird will probably take off, but it might be so tired it needs to rest a minute even when you are all the way outside. All the more time for you to look awesome for little onlookers. Feel free to answer questions about your abilities with whatever colorful story you care to fabricate. Look, you got published on my blog…twice. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It worked. Only took a couple seconds for it to sit on the rake. I then lowered the rake out through the door.

But when it did, it just flew out of the garage. Thank you for the how-to! We had a hummingbird stuck up under a pavilion at our club, about 20 feet up. We used a pool rescue rod, and after a while the bird learned to rest on it. Thank you so much for this wonderful advice!! We saved our hummingbird trapped in our garage with our rake… thanks to you!! The poor little hummingbird was flying around for about an hour, I took my rake for it to land on and within 5 minutes the bird landed on the rake and I got it outside safely.

I never had this problem until I replaced my old falling down garage with a new taller one. The red handle on the garage door makes sense but in my case the handle is not dangling off the center of the door. My door goes up the wall and the red cord is hidden off in the corner. Alas I must resort to getting on a ladder and capturing them in a butterfly net my kids abandoned years ago. I wish there was a more permanent solution besides keeping the door closed all the time.

Unfortunately, we have found that even with nothing bright inside your garage hummingbirds will still come in on occasion to look around and act foolish. I know the kind of garage you are describing, and it can be a problem. The only way I could see to deal with it is to get a ladder, climb up to the rafters with a rake and flashlight, and wait for it to get exhausted. Very labor-intensive. I hope this ended OK, but sometimes nature can be cruel.

I thought he was crazy but when he got up onto the rafters he just gently grabbed a hummingbird with his hand and came back down the ladder. The hummingbird was in between two trusses so it made it even easier. It has been as tame as a hummingbird could possibly be; feeding freely in front of us day and even after dark We were so upset to find her trapped in the garage today. Your article described the situation perfectly and your solution worked within 5 minutes!

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We are so grateful! Thank you! You failed to mention one simple way to cut down on the probability. Cover the handle with black tape or spray paint it black, gray, white — any color that is not likely to induce a hummingbird to come into the garage. Thank you for great advice and information. After a couple of hours, the hummingbird got tired and fell asleep on top my car, my son managed to scoop it up while my daughter was able to give it some sugar water. The hummingbird was able to rest and recoup in his warm hands for about half hour before it flew off to a tree.

Important information is to Not use towel, cloth or net to trap it. In just 2 minutes he was out of the garage. Poor little thing…. Thanks you so much!! I was in the garage working on my bike and in flew a young ruby throated male. I was trying the rake tactic when my wife got home. She hung a feeder from the inside underside of garage door and went to get sugar water. Despite being empty, he saw it, went for it and was gone!! I have had the little guy in garage for 24 hours now…. Try using an umbrella. We fastened a longer handle on it and put it above the hummingbird who kept flying upward.

We gently eased it out if the garage. We just had one in garage for about 5 hours. It began getting dark so I turned the garage light on to check on it and it was still fluttering around the ceiling. After a couple minutes I turned the garage light off and turned the outside lights on and out it flew. Love the idea of putting read flowers in pots close to the exit of the garage and letting them help themselves. I have had to take care of this at least once a summer for the last 5. I always worry that I am adding to their exhaustion trying to help them with the rack.

Thanks for the tip about pull cords. Thank you so much for this post! We just used our big floor squeegy to rescue a hummingbird in Iowa. And then wrapped the dangling red handles with black tape. Thank you so very much!! We did exactly what you said to do and it worked perfectly!

Your advice saved a precious little hummingbird here in Iowa. None of the methods mentioned worked for me. I closed the garage door, turned off all the lights and used a flashlight to blind and get the hummingbird to sit still enough in one place so he could be gently captured. Then I released him outside then I released him outside.

Ideally, a butterfly net would work good, but I used my hands. Added a little sugar water to the tines and a piece of straw that just happened to be in the rake-bonus. Took a little effort but it worked. Works like a charm!! I used a metal rake… Poor thing was exhausted… Luckly I have a number of feeders in the yard so it can replenish. I have extra tall garage ceilings so I was unable to get the rake high enough and keep it steady long enough for the hummingbird to rest. She kept resting on the wires that control the garage door opener which were out of my reach.

Fortunately, I found your site that educated me otherwise and impressed upon me that time was of the essence. The sweet little creature had been in my garage for nearly 24 hours; as soon as I read your information telling me she would not fly out on her own and would perish from exhaustion I knew I had to do something immediately. When I was unsuccessful with the rake due to the height of the garage ceilings I collected a few flower pots with flowering red geraniums and cut a large red hibiscus flower off of my hibiscus bush.

I set these flowers and flowering pots on tables at different heights around the garage in an attempt to have the hummingbird follow a trail of red flowers to the open garage door. It worked! I was a bit concerned when she momentarily flew back into the garage to hoover around the hibiscus. Fortunately, she only stayed a moment before flying to freedom. Thank you so much for educating us on the the hummingbirds trap patterns and eating habits- had you not mentioned that they are attracted to red and yellow flowers I would have not had the idea to set up the flowers!

She is free again! Worked for me too. Just put some flowers in the rake tines. Once it started to suck from a flower, I began to lower the rake until it saw its exit and took off out the door. Within minutes of reading this post and following the suggestion the hummingbird was free to fly into the beautiful blue sky. And the little one got a bit of replenishment to boot! I watched this little female hummer in our garage for about an hour befor finding your site. Took just about two minutes before she lighted on the end of the rake and I walked her out.

Thank you so much! Just tried using a rake for removing a hummingbird trapped in the garage. Worked like a charm in just a few minutes!!! Thank you. I am so thankful I found your site. We had a hummingbird get trapped in our shop, and she was buzzing around the very top, probably almost 30 feet in the air. After trying everything from turning the lights off to placing a feeder outside the shop, I started searching for other solutions. Huge opening with the whole end of the shop open, but I read when they get trapped they only go up and they will exhaust themselves and die in only a few hours.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions! Landed on it after a few minutes and slowly brought it down, as soon as it saw the sky it flew right out of the garage. I was really getting worried as he was in there for a few hours, continually flying into the ceiling and landing on a cable in the garage. Im sure it was exhausted. I used the rake but hung my hummingbird feeder on it. It finally landed to feed and I slowly lowered the rake below the garage door and out while the hummingbird hovered and fed.

Thank you so much. I tried the rake method, maybe I was not patient or smoth enough, it did not work even though it was obvious that she was exhausted. I hung one of my feeders on a wire about 6 inches below the top of my enterence door. Within 2 minutes she came for a drink and flew right out the door. Thanks so much — it worked perfectly. We opened the garage windows too and that was where we let him out!

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Then I got on a ladder and covered those red handles with black duct tape. I love hummingbirds! I did what you told me to do and it worked the bird was so tiny but we saved it with lots patients it worked. The rake did not work for me. Poor little girl was so tired. I finally got a hanging basket of petunias and put that on a rake. She started feeding on the flowers and we slowly lowered the flowers down, got her outside and then she flew back into the garage.

Once again we put the flowers up to her, lowered her out and as soon as my husband got her outside, I closed the garage door. Worked like a charm. Had to remember to be patient. We have quite a few wires in our garage so I had to convince it to land on the rake. Took 2 tries but he was out in less than 15 minutes.

Hummingbird flight has a clever twist : Nature News & Comment

Kids had fun watching the whole process. We tried everything to get a hummingbird out of a garage including other things people suggested on Google. Success at last!!!

And he flew UP when he flew away!!! I had success holding up a long branch of the bush they live on — a Butterfly Bush from my backyard. Whew, what a long 2 hours before I tried this…. Got my hummer out of garage using pole with red feeder on end. She must have been hungry. We found a beautiful male hummingbird in our garage.

He was extremely frightened. After reading the comments here, we affixed a fake flower that we put a floral essential oil on though, and that did the trick. Poor little guy was bleeding a bit, and sat still on the broom for a very long time before flying away. Such lovely little birds! A poor little hummingbird was caught in garage for hours — we alternated between trying to shoo her out and leaving her alone to fly out the front southern door, or turning off all lights and only having the eastern small door open to the bright outdoors.

But she would only keep banging her beak against the ceiling. Finally I found this rake trick.

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Thank you for your advice! Just tried this. Ended up putting a couple red flowers from a Mandevila vine from my yard on the tinds of the rake. Took a few times to get bird to stay on rake but be patient.

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Works like a charm!!! Just used this trick in our garage. Covered rake with flowers, held it ABOVE where it was sitting on garage door track, it flew over, took a few sips, landed and then I carried it out. Gave up after two exhausting hours. She thought I was trying to trap her and flew in the opposite direction. There were lots of other things she felt safer landing on..

I tried the rake trick, and it worked. He did fly off the rake a couple of times, and returned to the window, but I think I was moving the rake too fast. I got him to land on the rake, then slowly moved it towards the open garage door. He quickly took off! I was getting worried about the little gal it was a female. She was trying to get her bill between a light fixture and the ceiling. Thank you for this advice! I tried your advice, and voila! I even had a red, plastic rake. Had I relied on the standard method of getting a bird out give it one lighted path in darkness , my little friend surely would have died, with food hanging in the open window no less.

Banding Hummingbirds to Solve their Mysterious Ways

So glad I found your post after a hummingbird flew into our garage this evening after the sun went down. Our feeder is right outside of the door to the garage and he made an unfortunate wrong turn. Lots of patience as the hummer would come feed off the nectar and fly off then drink from the feeder and fly off. After building enough trust we got him out thankfully!

Thanks for your informative post so we could free our hummingbird! This worked so well. Glad I googled and found this info. So helpful. My husband got a rake and the hummingbird was taken to safety. Love this happy ending. I had a hummingbird in my garage, took a rake and waited.

It landed on the rake and patiently allowed me to take it to a window and off he flew! Appreciate your suggestion. Laid apparatus sp? Really does work. We mixed some sugar with water and poured it on our red plastic rake. It took a few minutes but it landed on it and like the sugar water. Enough to get it outside.

I was in my garage most of the day with the door open doing a massive rearranging and cleaning job. I was almost finished when I heard the high pitched chirps and saw the hummer trying to escape in the skylight. The odd thing is that we did cover our red release handle with blue tape so he must have seen something else that drew him in. Our garage has 10 foot walls and and the roof is pitched to another 8 feet, so I had to climb up the tallest ladder we have holding a long push broom.

Suddenly the hummer lifts off and is gone, streaking back to the feeders. It takes a bit of me along with it. These little birds have inspired a huge passion among those who study them—the majority of whom are not scientists supported by grant money but are, like Bassett, unpaid volunteers. Take Bob Sargent and his wife, Martha. At one time they were just two people who fed birds in their backyard in Clay, Alabama.

When you capture a bird and hold it in your hand, you really have an opportunity to examine it. They have banded more than 30, hummers, and they train other people—including professional scientists—to band them, too. Ned and Gigi Batchelder belong to the community of enthusiasts who study western hummingbirds.

Like the Sargents, they have upended their lives to do hummingbird research. Five years ago the Batchelders—who were employed for 25 years in the energy industry—moved from Oklahoma to Montana, where they work winters at local jobs in order to spend all summer banding calliope, rufous, broad-tailed , and black-chinned hummingbirds. Since the spring of the Batchelders have banded 6, hummers. The majority were rufouses and calliopes; the latter, just over three inches long, are the smallest long-distance avian migrants in the world.

Every year calliopes tackle a perilous 5,mile round-trip migration, from the mountains of the western United States and Canada to south-central Mexico and back again. In the Batchelders recaptured birds they had originally banded in the previous two years. The reason, says Jesse Grantham, former director of bird conservation for Texas Audubon, who is now working with the U. The problem is that the habitat during this time period has totally changed. Hummingbird festivals, such as the one Grantham started in in Rockport, Texas, and the annual celebration he started in at the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, are timed to take advantage of this predictable peak migration.

Most have been singled out because small breeding and winter ranges increase their vulnerability to potential disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and habitat destruction. The rufous hummingbird, however, is of particular concern. According to the Breeding Bird Survey , conducted annually by the U. Geological Survey and the Canadian Wildlife Service, from to the species has experienced a decline of 2.

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