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A Long-Term Sociological Perspective

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Brandon Keown marked it as to-read Apr 05, Taillefer marked it as to-read Nov 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Paul Rich. Paul Rich. The true foundations of nude recreation and social nudism started in Ancient Egypt under Pharaoh Akhen-Aton - B. It was during these times that students in Greece exercised and received their education in the nude.

Also, most athletes played in the nude including the early Olympic Games in Greece. It is this proof that might lead one to assume that the Greeks and Romans lived in a clothing optional society.

Nudism Comes America, Used

That utopia like nudist accepting society came to an end in A. In the 16th Century, Puritans believed nudity was so immoral, that they didn't bathe because they believed it promoted nudity. The Victorian Era was not any more accepting to nudity. In these times it was common to cover a person's legs, a piano's legs, even a chair's legs in order to prevent sexual arousal. Bathing suits at this time also covered nearly the entire body of both men and women, so going all the way from the wrists to the ankles and up to the mid neck. | Paul Rich artikelen kopen? Alle artikelen online

It wasn't until the Renaissance period that nudity was truly accepted again. In these times nudity was seen as a form of art. Benjamin Franklin and Henry David Thoreau helped the public come to terms with nudity. Thoreau had daily naked walks which he called "air baths". The first domestic swimsuit designed for "decency" appeared in Featuring red and white horizontal stripes from ankle to wrist, it was named, appropriately, the "prison suit".

Nakedness, Shame, and Embarrassment

It was in the 20th Century when social nudism really became organized. German sociologist Heinrich Pudor, sometimes referred to as the "father of nudism", wrote "The Cult of the Nude" promoting naturism.

Shortly after, in , Freilichtpark Free Light Park was the first know nudist park to be opened. Founder Paul Zimmerman opened the park near Hamburg, Germany, and was the first owner of an official nudist camp.

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  • In the flow of German immigrants and tourists began bringing the roots and ideals of the naturist lifestyle to America. It was their representation of the nude body that truly opened the American public's eyes to wholesome nudity without shame. Another key figure is Reverend Ilsley Boone, who is viewed as the first nudist leader in the United States. The first nudist magazine, Gymnos, started print in Mason and Frances Merrill often visited the New York facilities and began working on a new book title "Among the Nudists" which was released in Boone had big plans to build an American Camp like Kleinberg in Bavaria, but there, more drama in the world of commercial nudism would begin.

    In the winter of the ALPC met at their rented New York gym and were raided by the police and charged with public indecency. On December 9, the New York Court of General Sessions dismissed the case saying their exposure was neither public or indecent. The publicity caused by this case was a big step forward for the nudist movement and it also laid the groundwork for public nudity cases to come.

    Boone was back on the prowl again looking for land in the New York area to purchase for possible construction of a landed camp.