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An insatiably, erotic street thriller, Seduction by the Streets is graphic and realistically depicts how from the tender age of eight years old Qahlil Jenkins is drawn to street life. Dripping with swag, charisma, and confidence everything is a learning experience including his involvement with women. Scarred in his teens, he later meets Tonya who captures his heart with her undying loyalty and never-ending love, even while facing the possibility of life in prison.

Amateur Street Seduction -

In a game where there are no rules, he fearlessly does anything to get money all over the streets of D. Is the lure of the lifestyle so provocative that Qahlil ends up spending the rest of his life in prison behind his love for the game? Where disaster is inevitable Eugene wrote his first novel while in solitary confinement in federal prison, awaiting extradition from the state. He also spent a lot of time in the law library, and upon his recent release was offered a job at a prestigious law firm in Northern Virginia.

He resides in Northern Virginia where he lives with his daughter. He's enjoy's music and has a soundtrack for the book as well! For more information about the soundtrack visit: www. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Nearly all the stories were about uncomfortable encounters.

Many seemed to cross the line from persistence to harassment. Some - it later turned out - were criminal. More than a dozen women gave details to the police following the publication of my report. Within two days of the video being published, Ahmed had been arrested and charged with a string of incidents of threatening and abusive behaviour. When I first began investigating Ahmed, I did not know that he was part of a wider seduction industry.

When it came to promising quick results, one group stood out from the crowd: Street Attraction.

The Seduction of Heather Firbank, Edwardian It Girl

Students were promised online tutorials, follow-up guidance and one-to-one lessons on how to master their masculinity. Street Attraction had more than , YouTube subscribers. Its founder Eddie Hitchens even charged for viewing one of his secretly recorded sexual exploits. The bootcamp he attended was filmed and uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Commentary \ The Seduction of Simplicity: Popular Claims Following the Paris Attacks

That is why I ended up outside the Savoy hotel in central London at a training course for aspiring pick-up artists. It was a sweltering day and I was wearing a thick quilted-coat to hide a camera and microphone. I, like the rest of the students, dispersed across London Bridge which was awash with uniformed police and colourful protesters taking part in an Extinction Rebellion event.

Eventually, I bumped into a couple of women who were standing watching one of the spray-painted bandstands where musicians were doing a sound check. I had no idea what to say.

See a Problem?

It was the first test of the day and I was already struggling. I asked a couple of women whether this was some sort of gig.

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The bootcamp students were now mic'd up so that Hitchens could listen in and critique our performance. The irony was not lost on me. I was using covert filming to expose a group who were secretly recording women. I had to ingratiate myself without implicating myself to maintain my cover. And the approaches made me feel uncomfortable. Hitchens, who was 34 at the time, took me aside to explain why I needed to be less selective.

That was a good target. Day two of the bootcamp. Massey introduced us to the next coach Richard Hood. Hood sounded more like a high-pressure salesman than someone genuinely interested in what a woman might want. And my advice would be this, this is not the approach to take because you could end up facing very, very serious consequences. Five months after the bootcamp and I was back in London - this time as a BBC journalist to challenge the pick-up coaches I had met. Kindle Price:. Read free sample. Share 0.

Amateur Street Seduction

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