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Explore Escapades Read More. What Are We Up To? Where Can You Find Us? Explore Our Delaware Communities. Coming Soon! Explore Our Virginia Communities. Schedule a Tour To receive more information about Brandywine Senior Living's services please complete this brief questionnaire. AM PM. I found community, wisdom, and all of the support a single dad raising two daughters could ask for. Ashley and Carley, what a privilege it is to be your father. You are kind, compassionate hellraisers of the highest order.

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The truth is the people of the Silver State have always blazed new trails, seeing potential where others saw a great big basin of rock, mountains, and tumbleweeds. After graduation, I started my first business.

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I was lucky — I had a world-class education, people who believed in me, and the chance to make mistakes and try again. And my time on the road deepened my love for our state — even if I did sweat through about half a dozen suits. In each of their stories, I saw a different way to be Nevada Proud. And I was reminded of something.

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I like to see a person live so that his place will be proud of him. She told me they were for her students. We show up for one another. But no teacher should have to spend their salary like that, and no kid should have to sit in class hungry. I take my responsibility seriously—to fight for kids, educators—for every Nevadan.

Not just rural or urban. Not just Democrat or Republican. All of us. We have so much to offer out-of-state businesses. And that means doing better by our educators. The future of Nevada is in their hands—and they should have the resources and respect they deserve. When I was growing up, my dad worked at a GM factory, my mom at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in town. One day, he came home from the plant with a look of absolute anguish on his face.

He lost more than his paycheck that day.

He lost his dignity. Our family lost too — our livelihood, our sense of security, our faith in the system. A water truck pulled up beside me and this worker jumped out, with a smile splashed across his face. He walked over to shake my hand, thanking me for supporting the project. My administration will continue that work — prioritizing jobs.

Not just any jobs either — good-paying jobs. Jobs that can support a family. My mother is years old. She lives with my sister, Sue, in Las Vegas. I call her every day after church. I am so grateful that she has access to the care she needs. I love you, mom.

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I love you, Sue. Last year, I met an elderly couple at a retirement home.

Visiting with Huell Howser: Governor's Mansion

So they split their pills in half every day, to make sure each of them got something. No one should have to ration off their medicine or skip doctor visits. Or be forced into bankruptcy because of an unexpected illness. But today, too many people are doing just that. For more than years, Nevadans have been masters of defying expectations.

We are dogged innovators, restless entrepreneurs, roll-up-our-sleeves pioneers. We turned desert into farmland, a sleepy settler town into a worldwide destination. Nevada was one of the hardest hit states in the nation. Our foreclosure rate topped the country for over five years. And our unemployment rate reached nearly 14 percent. But being Nevada Proud is about more than resilience and ingenuity.

The Once and Future Kingfish: In Retirement, Sen. Russell Long Thought of a Final Act, Governor.

Across the field, you could hear dozens of cell phones ringing. Calls from loved ones, hoping, praying, someone would pick up. Around am, I set up a GoFundMe, with the goal of raising a few thousand dollars for victims and their families. This state, battle-born in the fires of the Civil War, has always been a model of a fierce belief in the power of unity.

We hail from all walks of life, but we come together, over and over again, to make one another better. Of the elderly couple, whose love of one another is keeping them alive, even as our healthcare system lets them down.